Frustration – in every way!


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We are living in frustrating and annoying times.  Recently, at work we had one of the most frustrating days EVER.  I won’t get into too many of the details, but let’s just say we had a patient who had requested to make many phone calls.  And when I say many, that is exactly what I mean – many.  Our call counter was down, but in an eight-hour shift, this person asked us to make literally hundreds of calls for her.  It was irritating and annoying, and it prevented us from doing our work.  Every time the line rang and the computer showed it was her room calling – we wanted to pull our hair out from our heads.  After a while, we had to laugh because it was becoming funny.  Well, almost.  I thought about frustration and how to deal with it – how you can get through things more easily (and with some hair left on your head).

Breathing – deep breathing – is a good thing to do to calm yourself.  You need to take a deep breath, counting to four as you inhale and then to four again as you exhale.  This should be repeated until you feel yourself calming down.

Easing frustration can come when you accept others (and a situation) as they are (and as it is).  Once you are calmed down, think of the person – is how they were acting just “how they are” or is there nothing you really can do about it – say, if you were stuck in a traffic jam.  I have never been a fan of the saying “it is what it is” but when you think about it, it really does make sense.

Try to avoid being a perfectionist or judging about a situation.  Give up your preconceived ideas of how you think things should be.  Go with the flow.  Unlike above, I have been a fan of the phrase “consider the source.”  If you do that, you may find things flow through you a bit easier.

Live in the moment of where you are right now.  Don’t regret the past or fret about the future.  Deal with what you have right now at the present time.  You may not find answers if you are stuck in the past, and the future hasn’t even happened yet.

Another saying I’m fond of is “this too shall pass.”  Things usually do.

When you’re in the middle of a frustrating or annoying time, if you can – get away.  If you are able – take a walk.  A change of scenery often changes your outlook.  Work to free and clear your mind.  Once that happens, you may be able to think about things more rationally – and you might even end up feeling better.

Force a smile.  Many years ago, at one of my first jobs we were at a training session.  The position we were training for involved being on the phones.  The instructor told us to smile as we spoke.  It seemed silly to those of us in the class.  But her reasoning was that if you force a smile, you sound better.  When you sound better, people will react to you better.  Smiling releases endorphins, which can make you feel happier and can also reduce stress levels.

A big stressor at this time is the Pandemic.  Things have changed in ways that we never thought were possible.  I hear a lot about Corona stress and Covid worries, both at work and through my future daughters-in-law.  Wear masks, don’t wear masks.  Stay home, go out and live your life.  Worry, don’t worry.  I think the biggest problem with this Pandemic besides the fact that it is such a terrible illness is the unknown.  It is unknown when we will have a vaccine.  It is unknown as to when we will be able to travel again.  It is unknown when and if children will be going back to school.  It is unknown if and when everything will get back to as they are calling it “the new normal.”  This is frustration at the highest level – because our hands are tied.  We do not have the answers we are looking for.  In order to combat these frustrating times, I think we need to do a few things.  First, we have to think about this rationally.  Going through this is no fun; however, it could be worse.  Things could (usually) always be worse.  It is important to give yourself a break from time to time.  Even if you’re not physically getting away, a mental vacation from the thoughts and frustration is a really good thing.  Keep your chin up and be as positive about things as you can be.  And then – stay active, stay safe, and live your life.  Things may never go back to what we knew before, but for the most part – if we are lucky – cue the saying above – this too shall pass!


Help, I need somebody…

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…help, not just anybody.  Help!  You know I need someone…help!”  Anyone who knows me knows that I really am not a Beatles fan (sorry to those who are) but I couldn’t help but think of this song when I decided to write this post.

I need some help.  I need help from you, my small group of loyal followers.  I need help from you to spread the word about this blog.  For many different reasons, I would like to take this site to whatever can be the next level.  It would mean a great deal to me and would help me out greatly if every reader forwarded this website to one friend.  If that happens, my audience would double in a very short amount of time.  That would be a huge accomplishment for me!

My life (and everything in it) is something I really enjoy.  I am at a place where just about everything I’m involved with is good, happy and positive.  My family and friends are wonderful.  We have got the seven best cats on earth (at least we think so).  I am very happy with my job – with the work itself and my coworkers.  I like thrift store shopping, saving money and taking care of myself the best that I can.  I have my strengths and weaknesses like anyone else.  I read other lifestyle blogs and think “wow, that sounds like me” or “I never even realized that.”  I am hoping in reading what I write that others can relate to what I go through, and hopefully even enjoy the words.

Others in the blogging world have been very kind to me with their comments.  I appreciated the advice they have given me.  I have learned quite a bit from them.  I have made some changes since I started writing these posts – all the way back in early 2018.  That was before we even left Florida!  With help from readers and others, I feel like I can go from how I started out as a pre-school blogger to a college graduate blogger.

And so, quoting the Beatles again…”we get by with a little help from our friends!”  Thanking you all in advance!

Saving Money on Beauty Products


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Anyone who knows me knows that I like to save money.  Also, anyone who knows me also knows that I like to buy a lot of products.  I have used many strategies over the years to acquire a large collection of all kinds of cosmetics.  I also have tips and ideas that will stretch products I have without having to buy more, and to repurpose certain items to use for things that they weren’t necessarily intended.

Did you know you can create lip gloss by mixing a bit of blush and some petroleum jelly?

To save money, research websites of the companies of brands that you often buy.  You may find coupons and special deals.

Go to Dollar Tree for your beauty basics.  They have great products that will come in handy and the best part – they’re only a dollar.

If you need concealer, you can mix your moisturizer with equal amounts of light blush or face powder.

When you decide it may be time for a treat, don’t do it before you check out sites like Yelp, Groupon and Local Flavor.  You can sometimes score a certificate that may get you up to 50% off on certain services.  Reading reviews from other customers can also help you decide if you do in fact want to spend any of your hard-earned money at these places.

If you once in a while like to use more high-end products, consider a monthly service like Ipsy.  You’ll get a bag sent to you each month with samples of products that may be too expensive to try on a whim.  Currently, the cost is $12 per month – I just started my subscription up again after being gone from the service for quite some time.  When I feel as though the items are no longer interesting me, I will cancel or suspend my account.  Your bag each month is personalized according to a survey you fill out indicating your likes.

Creamy baby oil can be used as a makeup remover.  It usually has such a nice smell, too.

If you’re like me and your roots seem to come in way too fast, you can use the basic hair color dye from Dollar Tree as a touch up.  If you don’t want to use that and you don’t have one of those touch up spray cans handy, eye makeup in a color similar to your hair will work nicely to cover grays.  This seems to work especially good with hair near your temples.

When you are in T.J. Maxx, Burlington or Ross, stop by their makeup/accessories section.  I have found very good deals on all kinds of makeup for what seems like a fraction of their regular retail prices.

If you find yourself without any blush, and you don’t want to be pale – you can put red or pink lipstick on your finger and apply it to your cheeks.  Just don’t overdo it or you will end up looking like a clown.  The key is to blend well.  Really well.

Hair conditioner can double as both a smoothing serum for your hair (put a very small bit in your hands, rub them together and tame your fly aways) and a shaving cream for your legs if you don’t have any of the traditional kind.

And there you have it – ways to save $$$ and still look good!

Time to be a little silly…


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These have been some of the hardest months to deal with in a very long time.  Sickness and civil unrest are not fun topics.  There have been too many sad and unfortunate stories being reported on in the news.  One day I was reading an article online, and it gave a listing of supposed new guidelines and recommendations to care for yourself during this pandemic.  As usual, my mind wandered and I started thinking that there should be guidelines for how to have fun, and directions to make that happen.  My mind then wandered into random thoughts, and with the help of,, and, I found a bunch of random silly thoughts that made me smile, made me think, and also had me scratching my head.  I thought when reading these – who knew?  Certainly not me.


Americans spend an average of $1,092 on coffee each year?  That comes out to about $92 a month – and about $3 per day.

Psycho was the first movie to feature a toilet that flushed.

Fruit Loops are all the same flavor – they all taste the same, only the colors are different.

Dolly Parton once lost a “look like Dolly” contest.  She lost to a drag queen.

WalMart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard University – only 2.6 percent of applicants get into WalMart compared to 4.5 of Harvard applicants.

The blob of toothpaste that sits on the end of your brush?  It’s called a nurdle.

Barry Manilow didn’t write the song “I Write the Songs.”  Someone else did, and Barry didn’t even like it at first.

Q is the only letter of the alphabet that does not appear in the name of any State.

The tiny pocket near the other side pockets on a pair of jeans was initially intended to store a pocket watch.

# – this symbol isn’t called a hashtag nor is it called a pound sign.  The proper name for this is octothorpe.  Jim Thorpe, American gold medalist and athlete is involved with the naming.   Jim Thorpe had a town named after him in Carbon County, Pennsylvania.  I personally have been there many times.

A fan once dedicated his obituary to the Cleveland Browns football team.  He wanted six players of the team to be his pallbearers so “they could let him down again.”

Four Corners is an area of this country which is the only place where you can stand in four states at one time.  Those states are Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and the great state of Colorado (ok, I’m partial since I lived there for six years).

The five colors on the Olympic flag were carefully selected.  This is because each of the colors can be found on every flag of countries that participate in the Olympics.

Ketchup was once used as a medicine.

Sean Connery wore a toupee in every one of the James Bond movies he starred in.

There are more plastic flamingoes than real ones in the United States.

M&M’s?  That name came from the last names of the candy’s creators – Mars and Murrie.

Judge Judy makes forty-five million dollars per year.

Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping.  Hmm.  I know two of three little ones that do not adhere to this.

And there you have it.  My silly and mindless list of things that, for me – at least for a little while – took my mind off the seriousness of today’s world.

“…Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man…”

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“…tryin’ to make a living and doing the best I can…”

These are crazy times, for sure.  What is going on right now is something we’ve never seen before, nor did we ever think we would see.  Normally, I am a fairly positive person, and I try to see the good in people, things, in a situation.  But now, with this – it is hard.

When I say “rambling” I am referring to the thoughts in my mind.  I have been all over the place lately.  Jeff and I went out to a very nice local restaurant on Friday night, to celebrate his birthday.  We had a very nice time, the food was delicious and I would say the night was an absolute success.  Yet, we had to decide whether we wanted to be outside,  in tents/gazebos – or inside, with tables spaced further apart than anyone would have liked.  Here in Scranton, we are in the middle of a somewhat heat-wave, so we opted for inside.   Me, being the one who is always warm (even in winter) – we opted for the table near the air conditioner.  Yes, we were cooler than others – but we didn’t hear the piped-in Italian music as easily as if we had been seated elsewhere.  It is what it is, right?  Yes.  We ordered dessert to take home, and as we were leaving – we posed at their outside area, by a beautiful fountain.  The waitress who took our photo asked if we wanted to remove our masks, and we probably should have, for photo-views, but we didn’t – we kept our masks on, because this is the time we are living in.

My nephew was supposed to have graduated high school on June 9th.  Of course, that did not happen.  He was supposed to have a rescheduled Prom on July 30th – that too was cancelled.  As of right now, his graduation ceremony is scheduled for August 4th, outside – with social distancing, so – some of our family will not be able to be there.  We have our fingers and toes crossed that this will happen, but at this point we are more hoping he will be able to start his college classes on August 31st.  He is going for a Hospitality Major.  If they cancel on-site classes, he will either be unable to start college, or he will have to totally redo his entire schedule.  Is this a mess or what?

And then, we have my youngest son, Chris and his soon-to-be bride, Bre.  These two kids, well – they are young adults now, turning twenty-five this year – have been together for nine years.  They literally grew up together.  Their long-awaited wedding is this Fall, at the beginning of November.  We have no idea if the area where their wedding is being held will be free of restrictions by the time they take their vows.  It is truly a nerve wracking time.  What other choice do we have but to be as positive as we can, and just hope things happen on time?  As it stands right now, they will barely be able to honeymoon anyplace – Bre is an RN taking care of Covid patients daily, and her hospital has even more strict travel restrictions in place than local, state and federal officials.  All we can do is say a prayer, cross our fingers and hope for the best that things go the way we all want them to.

The one absolute miracle happy moment for our family is Leroy!  I fostered him on a Wednesday afternoon, and took him to my son and daughter in law’s right away as I was going there to celebrate Kevin’s birthday.  They didn’t know I was coming with him, but the minute they saw him – it seemed like within seconds – they were in love.  In that moment he became theirs, even if they didn’t realize it at the time.  Amanda is very observant, and she noticed something more was wrong with him than the chest cold and the healing back leg.  They ended up bringing him to their Vet, and he was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia.  This is a very serious condition, and he was very young – he was less than twelve weeks old at the time.  There were a lot of back and forth conversations, vet visits, many tears and worry beyond words.  There was a car ride back to Scranton and a transport to Cornell University Veterinary Medical Center.  All this ended up with the most beautiful outcome – Leroy is just fine!  He went home to his Mom and Dad the other day.  He will have to stay kind of still and quiet in a cage for a few days.  He is not happy about that.  He wants to be a kitten!  He is a little miracle, a big fighter for his tiny size.  We are thrilled with him, and just look – isn’t he perfect?  We think so!

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Easy Peasy Snack Time

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I am a snacker.  I always have been and I always will be.  I have had a bedtime snack each night for as long as I can remember, and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.  Besides night time, I snack all day – I pretty much graze.  Like a cow.  I like snacks to be easy, to have them ready – so when the feeling comes over me, I can just grab one.  I have a list of easy ones – that are fairly healthy and don’t involve just opening up a bag of candy or ripping open a package of chips.

This is a snack my cousin and I enjoyed when we lived together.  We would each get a bowl and on one side we would put a lump of peanut butter – for this snack, we used the crunchy kind – and on the other side, we would use a portion of jelly – and for this, for some reason we always used strawberry jelly.  The go to dippers were either pretzel rods, or those honey wheat pretzels – the ones that are a bit thicker, and don’t break as easy.  It was a nice alternative to ranch or French onion dip.  It would be even healthier if we used all-fruit spread or low-sugar jelly – but usually we did not.

A quick snack (though you almost have to “cook” it) is cinnamon toast.  You would toast two slices of whatever bread you like, and then once done – butter them, with as much as you feel like having.  While the butter is still warm and melty, get out a jar of cinnamon sugar and sprinkle on both pieces.  If you want to make them a bit more fancy, you can cut them into wedges, triangles, long slices – whatever you want.  I have found that the more odd the shape, the more of a treat these seem to be – rather than just eating them like a regular piece of toast.

I like to have Pasta Salad on hand.  I usually make this with the tri-color rotini noodles.  Lately I have used actual spinach noodles and noodles made from carrots and tomatoes to perk up the healthy.  And for the third color, I have been using whole wheat or protein pasta.  It’s very simple but it is very good.  These pastas get boiled and drained, and depending on what I have in the house – I will put in some grated carrots and shredded cheese.  I toss it lightly with some Italian dressing and let it chill.  Pasta is always a treat to me, and making it this way makes me feel less guilty about eating it – because it really IS healthy this way.

A party treat to me is Deviled Eggs.  Yet there is no reason to wait for a party to have these.  They are pretty easy to make and have some on hand in the refrigerator.  All you have to do is hard boil a few eggs.  Peel them, and slice them in half lengthwise.  Scoop out the yolks and put them in a bowl.  Chop the yolks, mixing with mayonnaise, mustard, some seasonings.  Make this mixture smooth, and then spoon it back into the egg halves.  I usually sprinkle paprika on top – for decoration.  My mother always did them this way, and now I do too.  I usually do six eggs which gives me twelve halves – just enough to have without getting tired of them.

I like peanut butter roll ups.  The way I make them is to first take off the crusts from pieces of (usually white) bread.  I will roll the bread flat, with a rolling pin if I feel like getting it out – if not, I’ll just use one of our pint beer glasses.  Once flat, I will lightly cover the bread with a thin layer of peanut butter and then a thin layer of jelly.  And then – I just roll them.  I try to do them tight.  If you put too much peanut butter or too much jelly, you’ll get a mess.  You can either leave them in one long roll up, or chop them up into bite-size pieces.  Tastes delicious either way.

Another good, easy snack is trail mix.  I custom make mine from time to time, though I have also bought pre-made.  You can create a trail mix that is really healthy or not too healthy – it is up to you.  Most of the time, mine comes out more like a middle of the road mix.  I like to use Cheerios as an almost-base.  I will include some raisins and maybe some peanuts.  If I have chocolate chips, I’ll put those in as well.  For some salt, I might break up some pretzel sticks or throw in some of those little goldfish.  And that’s about it.  I usually don’t have seeds on hand, thought I know they are included in a lot of trail mixes.  It’s fun to use yogurt-covered raisins or craisins, or for color – you can use M&M’s.  I’ll make up a batch of this, and then maybe put them into little individual baggies so they’re easy to grab and go.

The other day I went to Dollar Tree and they had a large box of Fruit Loop-type cereal.  I don’t each much cereal, and even when I did, when I used to – I never liked these with milk.  I do however like them as snacks.  I did the same with the Fruit Loops that I do with the trail mix – I made snack size bags of them so they are also easy to grab and go.  This isn’t totally unhealthy, as even sugar-filled cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Frozen fresh fruit is good – take a bunch of grapes and freeze them.  They are fun to eat when frozen – you can make a game out of eating the skin/peels off them as you eat them and they melt.  You can also peel a banana, make banana circles and freeze them too.  It takes a lot longer to eat frozen fruit than it does to eat fresh fruit.  Your snacks last longer this way.

Have a bag of stick pretzels at your disposal.  You can have a bunch of them, a decent size portion for not that many calories.  With a glass of water (or diet soda, if that’s what you drink) you can get filled up fairly quickly – maybe saving you from eating things that would end up being worse for you.

I also recommend having microwave popcorn on hand.  Lately I have been enjoying Kettle Corn.  I like the combination of both salty and sweet.  You can eat the whole bag – you’ll be full for not a lot of guilt.

There is always a jar of salsa in my refrigerator.  Salsa goes good with any kind of chips you have laying around.  It even tastes good with plain old Saltines.  You can make some rice in the microwave, add some salsa when it’s done, sprinkle some shredded cheddar on and have a quick Spanish/Mexican snack.  There are so many different varieties available – I usually resort to plain old mild, or maybe medium.  Maybe.

What snacks do you like?  What ideas can I try next?


20 Questions…or thereabouts


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The other night, I was struggling to stay awake – because I was filling out one of those Facebook quizzes.  Why I felt it was so important to give my answers instead of getting sleep, I don’t know.  The post said something about posting this stuff so people can get to know little things about you.  So, I have decided to do that here.  In no particular order I present answers to some questions.

My favorite movie of all time is Austin Powers Goldmember.  I laugh myself silly every time I watch it.  And I have watched it many, many times.  So many in fact that I can almost recite it word for word as I watch.  My sister and my nephew are big fans of it as well.  When the three of us watch together, it is just too funny.  I quote sayings and lines from it daily.  I really do.

I like a lot of different toppings on pizza, but I would have to say that my favorite really is mushroom.  Since most people I know don’t like mushrooms, when we get pizza with a crowd I guess my choice would be pepperoni.  And I do like ham and pineapple on pizza.  Not all the time, but every once in a while it is a nice change.

My favorite foods are Chinese and Italian.  Currently, I would say that Chinese is winning out as my top choice.  This is only because I can somewhat copy Italian food in a decent way – though nowhere as close as to a good Italian restaurant.  I have tried making Chinese dishes, and while they were good – they weren’t authentic.

I like all fresh flowers (so does cat number three, Nik) but if I had to choose which kind, I would pick carnations.  Roses are beautiful, but I like how long carnations last and stay fresh.  Plus I like the fact that they are reasonably priced.

My favorite non-alcoholic drink is iced tea – either the Crystal Light kind or fresh brewed.  Due to the fact that I have kidney issues, I can’t drink too much of it.  I also enjoy coffee – lately I’ve been having just cream (and I always put ice in to cool it down), or at Dunkin I will get it with a raspberry shot.  My favorite alcoholic drink is beer.  My favorite is Molson XXX but I regularly drink Natty Daddy.  A lot of people make fun of it, but I think it’s good.

“As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys is my favorite song.  My favorite musical group is the Bee Gees.  I could listen to their music for hours at a time.  Thankfully I found the New York Bee Gees – they are a tribute band that when you listen to them, you think you are listening to the real, authentic Bee Gees.

I have liked many television shows over the years, but right now my favorite is “Homicide Hunter with Lt. Joe Kenda.”  It recently ended a long run on the Investigation Discovery channel.  I am very thankful for on-demand watching, recording options and You Tube.  I became a fan of his way too late.

When I want to buy a candy bar at the checkout stand, my first choice used to be Snickers.  Now I lean more towards a Hershey’s bar – mainly because my mouth is in poor shape.  Snickers has too many pieces of nuts that get caught in between my teeth.

Years ago, if someone asked me my favorite flavor of ice cream I would have said chocolate.  Now my answer would be vanilla (out of those two).  I also enjoy Friendly’s Chocolate Chip and any kind of Butter Pecan or Butter Almond.

My favorite color in clothing would be shades of blue.  My favorite overall color is magenta.  That has always been my favorite for as long as I can remember – I always chose it first to use when I got a new box of 64 Crayola crayons.

The nicest celebrity I ever met was Sheamus from the WWE.  He has been my favorite for a long time.  He is kind and polite and funny and friendly.  The worst celebrity I ever met was also from the WWE – Brock Lesnar.  He was rude and he was condescending.  I dare say he was even nasty.  What a horrible person – and we met him at a Tribute to the Troops where you think he would have put out some sort of effort.  He didn’t.

“Follow your passions” was the best advice I ever got.  It was said by the very wise Dr. Phil when he was appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show.  He reasoned that as long as your passion didn’t hurt anyone or cause trouble, there was no harm in following it.  So, because of Dr. Phil I have pursued my interest in professional wrestling with no guilt whatsoever.  It’s given me way more memories and good times than I ever could have imagined.

I lost both of my parents to cancer.  The days of both of their deaths were awful and they were horrible.  Their deaths were expected, however.  I took my beautiful JB to the Vet one day after weeks of allergic episodes and nasal issues.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would be diagnosed with cancer and that he had six months to live, if that long.  I don’t know how I drove my car home.  That night, after Jeff left for work I cried.  I cried hard and long.  I cried so hard my body shook.  I never thought something could hurt so bad.  And I never thought you could feel your heart break inside of your chest.  But you can.  His diagnosis was so surprising, so unexpected.  That night was the worst night of my life.

When I am listening to the radio, I will never turn off songs by Michael Jackson or Queen.  However, as soon as Bruce Springsteen comes on – the station gets switched.  I used to like him – I thought the fact that he could live anywhere in the world but still chose New Jersey as his home was very loyal to where he grew up.  I don’t like his antics as of late and so that is why he gets two or three notes out before the channel gets turned.

I do not enjoy anything about the Winter, and my favorite season is Summer.  I like not having to worry about getting all dressed up and ready to go outside.  In summer all I need is my purse and my keys and I’m out the door.  Fast.

I enjoy Christmas, but I can’t say I’m one of those people who has “Christmas fever.”  I enjoy most things about the holidays, and I especially enjoy being with family.  But then again, every holiday for us usually involves family.  People have suggested that I like Christmas because I like shopping.  That could be true, I suppose.

Passing time – I like to watch You Tube.  I have been known to binge watch both Bee Gees and hockey videos.  However, my favorite way to pass the time is to scroll through Facebook – which prompted me to write this post….

What would your twenty answers be to twenty questions?

Time for a health check up…

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I had been thinking of reassessing my health for a while now.  Three weeks ago, I had to go to the ER.  I was having chest pains.  Thankfully, it turned out to not be anything serious.  But that, combined with a good friend checking into the ER today has convinced me that now is the time to give my health a good going over.

It really is time for me to start eating right and to keep eating right.  I think I get lazy or laid back about my eating habits because my weight is good.  That is no reason to not take eating right seriously.  I am the veteran of many dieting attempts over the years, until I had weight loss surgery in December of 2007.  I know what things are good and what things are not.  Every meal should include a protein source.  Protein is essential for healthy bones, muscles, skin and blood.  Vegetables and fruit are important sources of vitamins and fiber.  Eating produce can cut your risk of many diseases.  Carbohydrates in small amounts are good for you in that they help to promote energy.  Certain snacks are ok too, only in moderation of course.  A well-rounded eating plan is important for health and for weight management.

My friend who went to the ER today had a few symptoms that were concerning.  He was thoroughly checked out.  His diagnosis?  Dehydration.  It takes a very short time to become dehydrated.  You may not even realize that you are.  Most people I know don’t drink enough water.  With my recent kidney issues, I have to get on the water bandwagon.  Water is good for so many things – it’s good for your skin, it fills you up when you’re feeling hungry, it’s good for your teeth – and adequately drinking enough should keep you out of the ER on a random Monday afternoon!

As I said, I had weight loss surgery in December 2007.  It was a great decision, and I don’t regret it for a single moment.  I take more than enough vitamins and supplements, and my blood work and labs are usually very good.  One thing that has taken a hit though is my teeth.  I was told this back when I was considering the surgery.  I think time has taken it’s toll on my mouth.  My teeth are not in good shape.  I had a partial made that never really fit right because my gums aren’t healthy.  I have a few dark spots on my gums around the teeth on top.  I see tiny marks starting to form on other teeth.  I realized that I really needed to see a dentist around the time the Pandemic was starting.  Things are starting to get somewhat back to normal here in Pennsylvania, and I’m hoping to be able to make an appointment with a dentist very soon.  In the meanwhile, on the recommendation of my daughter-in-law (and her dentist) I have purchased an electric toothbrush system called Burst.  The bristles are lined with charcoal which is supposed to really help with dental health.  I started using it this morning.  So far so good.  It’s a start.

My weight is good and it is stable.  I have been at what my doctors call the perfect weight for many years now.  I look thin, and I feel happy.  When I mention the gym (which I hate) people will say to me “why are you bothering with that, you’re skinny.  You don’t have to go there.”  Well, yes I do.  Just because you are thin does not mean you are in shape.  I certainly am not in shape.  Exercise benefits every part of your body.  It can make you feel better about yourself.  Exercise can also make you sleep better.  For me, I have to psych myself up into exercising.  Also for me, I think changing things up will keep me more motivated.  Regular movement just has to become a more frequent thing in my life (especially since I have a desk job).  My current plan is to go back to the gym (even though I hate it) once they open back up.  One day I will concentrate on cardio – using the stepper and the treadmill.  One day I’ll do their circuit training area.  One day I’ll do the machines.  On certain days, I will take a walk.  We have two carriages for the cats.  Each time I go for a walk, I’ll take a different cat with me.  And when Jeff is off, we can go together.

I can’t only rely on my physician’s office to keep my health record – I am going to assemble one for myself.  There will be one section where I can include information about screenings, test results and lab work.  I will put a section in with dates of completed appointments.  In this record I also plan to include a family history.  I also will be adding a section where I can journal – to add changes in my eating and sleeping habits.   There will also be a section where I can add questions I would like to ask my doctors at upcoming appointments.  I will probably write this all out old-school and eventually put it onto the computer.  It is a good idea to have this all in one place.

You can’t talk about your health without talking about your mind, and your mental well being.  We have all been living in crazy times recently.  For sure and without a doubt.  It is always good to try to focus on happy things.  Write a gratitude list – see how long you can make it, and how many good things you can include.  Start your day how you like to – whether it is alone, just daydreaming over coffee, watching the news or scrolling to see what’s new on your phone.  While going through your regular routine, it is always helpful to have something to look forward to.  It could be something big or something small.  As long as it’s something you like, it’s all good.  Fresh air is important – try to get at least a little bit of it every day.  And don’t forget to laugh – laughing clears out your insides.  I swear it does!

Recent Frugal Meals


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Last week I went grocery shopping and was very surprised at the high prices in the meat department.  I decided right then and there that I wasn’t paying those prices.  Instead, I found alternatives to what I originally had planned on buying.  Since then I have been making fairly frugal meals, and I would like to share them with you now.

Instead of ground beef that was $5.74 a pound (I was shocked), I purchased frozen ground turkey, already seasoned (taco flavored) for $1.67 a pound.  My first meal using this turkey was a Taco Turkey Bake.  I fried and drained the turkey – not having to drain much because this turkey was very lean.  While the turkey was frying, I made rice in the microwave.  Once both were done, I mixed them in a bowl.  I added a bit of tomato juice, and some shredded cheddar cheese.  I mixed it up real good.  I made up two individual portions in containers, putting more cheese on top.  I put one portion reheated into two soft tacos and the other portion I ate with some sour cream on top.

The other meal I made with this seasoned ground turkey was Chili.  I fried/browned the turkey and then put it into a crock pot.  I then added a large can of honey beans, some tomato sauce and a generous sprinkling of chili powder.  I cooked it on high for two hours, and when it was done – it was delicious.

My next frugal meal was a salad.  I cut up a green pepper, chopped some cucumbers and sliced a few petite carrots.  I put shredded cheese on top.  I put all of this in a container with some room in it – and then shook it up.  Once it was all mixed, I put a lump of cottage cheese on top.  This was for a work lunch.  I have individual packets of salad dressing I got for an amazing sale price, so I took one of those along with me.  Lunch was served.

I made a completely meatless spaghetti dinner.  Usually I have some homemade sauce on hand, but I didn’t feel like defrosting any so I used a jar of store brand.  I have been trying different kinds of pasta, so for this meal I used regular angel hair and protein spaghetti – I mixed them.  Once the pasta was done, I tossed it with a little bit of sauce.  I divided it into portions – and on top I put more sauce, some grated cheese and shredded mozzarella.  It was plain, yes – but it was very good.

Pasta Salad was another meal I have recently made.  Again, I’m trying different kinds of pasta, so this was tri-color – rotini made with spinach, ziti made with carrots and tomatoes and whole wheat rotini.  Boiling and finishing the pasta, I put it in a large bowl.  While still hot, I added just a bit of Italian dressing.  I had chopped some carrots while the pasta was cooking, and I added them to the bowl.  I sprinkled grated cheese on top, and at this point if I had ham, I might have chopped some up to include.  Boris is a ham maniac, so there was none left.  I have added crushed red pepper in the past, but for some reason this time I didn’t.  I mixed it all together, and put it in the refrigerator to chill.  Once it was ready to serve, I put a little more dressing on top.  It is a simple, light meal but it is very good.

An easy, cheap summer meal is tuna salad or egg salad.  Egg salad takes a little more prep time, obviously.  I like to add chopped pickles to these – sweet gherkins to tuna, dill spears to egg salad.  I chop each one up good, and add a bit of mayonnaise.  To both I will add minimal salt, some pepper and celery seed seasoning.  I like to add chopped carrot to the tuna – I just think it gives the salad a nice taste and crunch.  Both sandwiches taste good on any kind of fresh bread you have in the house.  I like having chips with sandwiches, but we usually don’t have any on hand.  They don’t last too long around our parts.

I’ve made cheesy rollups this week.  They are kind of like the ones you can get from the dollar savings menu at Taco Bell.  I line up the soft tacos, and I put cheese in the center mostly.  I will microwave them until I see the cheese starting to melt.  Then, I take them out and roll them.  Putting them back on the plate, if I have some kind of an enchilada sauce, I will drizzle that on top.  This week, I just used salsa.  Dipping them into sour cream – they were good.  Very good.

I made what I like to call faux chicken parmesan this week, too.  I have frozen chicken fritters that I baked.  Once they were done, I cut them into bit size pieces.  I then put them into a dish with some spaghetti sauce on top, and some shredded cheese on top of that.  It went into the microwave for about two minutes.  I ate these chickens along with some leftover spaghetti from earlier in the week.  Not a bad meal at all.

I didn’t spend much at all this week on food because, with the exception of the two packages of ground turkey, I had everything else on hand.  Were all of these meals perfectly healthy and perfectly balanced?  No, they were not. But that is ok. I filled in here and there with a sandwich from work, takeout Chinese and leftovers from the above meals.  It was not a bad week at all.

Being over 50 is good, and here is why…


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Some days it is hard for me to believe I’m as old as I am.  Yet again, there are other days that I feel much older.  This, I’ve been told is a normal part of aging.  I don’t like it.  Even though I get tired easier and don’t bounce back from things as easy as I used to, being this age does have advantages.

I can listen to the type of music I like and not be embarrassed.  If people are judging, my choices can be attributed more to my age than to my lack of true musical knowledge.  I was a very big fan of the 70s Boy Band, the Bay City Rollers.  As much as I liked and still like them, I can maybe see why people would smile when they hear that group’s name.  My other favorite group is the Bee Gees, and I just know no one would dare to put them down.  At least not in my presence!

A perk of being this age is – no more periods!  What a pleasure it is to not have to worry about that monthly visit, as they say.  I only wish that I could say I will have no more hot flashes.  Despite me being done with menopause (thank you, God) I still get sweating hot from time to time, randomly.  It’s like a little spark is still inside of me, igniting at will.  Ugh!

Being my age, I feel I can offer advice in a respectful way.  I would never try to demean anyone just because they are younger.  I never want to come off as an old fool.  I also never want to appear to be a know-it-all.  Know-it-alls really bug me.

At this age, you can get to know your children in a whole new way.  You knew them growing up, as babies, toddlers, teenagers and young adults.  It is wonderful enjoying your own children and their spouses, and seeing how they turned into adults.  It is a heartwarming feeling, and the pride you can feel is just wonderful.

Speaking of your children, at this age it could be time to enjoy their children – your future grandchildren.  I cannot imagine the joy of watching my own children become parents.  I am looking forward to that time very much.  I already love seeing them as pet parents!

I know I am not perfect, and I have never claimed to be.  I am at a point in my life where my appearance is important, but it is not the most important thing.  I want to look good, within reason.  I know I will never look 25 again, and that is ok.  Despite being a little slower and not having much energy (except self-directed when it’s something I really want to do), I am relatively healthy.  And for that I am thankful.

Women over 50 have reached a point when they stop apologizing for who and what they are.  I am lucky in that I have always been fairly self-assured.  I am who I am, no one else is like me.  I have never apologized for who I am, and I never will.  I am a thrift store shopping, cat loving, professional wrestling and hockey fan – never ashamed, always proud!