That awful, nasty, horrible four-letter word…SNOW

As I’ve said in a post from the other day, I have spent more than two weeks in Pennsylvania. I have seen most of the friends I wanted, and spent a lot of time with my kids. I watched my youngest graduate from college. I stayed with my sister and nephew. I dealt with that other four-letter word – COLD. And then it reared it’s ugly head. SNOW.
That’s right, it snowed. Most people who know me know that just about the only thing I hate more than the cold is snow. I woke up this morning, looked out the window and saw it. Immediately, I felt annoyance, anger and frustration. I was supposed to leave today to drive back home to Florida, and this rotten white stuff has delayed my departure. With some luck, the weather will hold and I will be able to drive away from Scranton tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I will get far enough into the ride that this nasty “white stuff” won’t be an issue.
This area is a wonderful place to live – when the weather is decent. I will even go so far to include the word cool. It’s this !@#$%^& stuff that reminds me why I moved to Florida. I can’t wait to get back there.


How do you thank someone?

I ask…how do you thank someone for always being there? For always being by your side, no matter what? How do you thank them for being there when you feel as though no one else was? It is hard, no doubt.
I have been BLESSED for the past 20+ years to have this person as my best friend. She has never wavered in her love and support of me – NEVER.
Today for her was both terrible and wonderful. And my heart both cries and rejoices – because I could not love her more. Her dreams are mine, mine are hers.
I love you, Christine…you are the Wilona to my Florida.

E A G L E S…


Let it be known right now that I like the Eagles. Always have and always will. That being said and having spent most of the past two weeks in Eagles country – I am getting a little tired. Tired of that cheer. It’s been everywhere I’ve gone in the area. I get it, the fans are happy. They are excited. But enough is enough already. My only saving grace with this is that a version of this didn’t erupt at my son’s college graduation from Temple University this past Friday.
I do want them to win the Super Bowl. I want my best friend Christine (who is a die hard fan, season ticket holder for twenty plus years) to be happy. What I don’t want is for the city to be destroyed, win or lose. It’s a great city, but has a mostly undeserved reputation for…hooligans and shenanigans. Plus two of my three children live in the city, and quite frankly I will be afraid for their safety later tonight.
So fly Eagles fly – beat the Patriots and make us all proud.
E A G L E S Eagles!

We were SUPPOSED to check out the wedding venue, but…

My son, future daughter-in-law and I had a nice lunch out, and afterwards decided to do one of my favorite activities – thrift store shopping.  All of us did well – being the pre-planner that I am, I found Christmas Stocking items for next year, as well as a few random gifts.  As usual, I was done last so they waited for me outside.  As I got into the car with my wonderful $35 haul, I was told the plans were changed.  To where you may ask?  Well, of course to the Animal Shelter.  While waiting for me to come out, they were scrolling Facebook and found a post from the local shelter advertising the two most adorable little kittens for adoption.  Before you knew it, we were there.  In the cat play adoption room with these little guys in our hands, and of course in our hearts.  In an instant, Amanda and Kevin decided to take Mango and Tango home.   They were a little conflicted, as they already have two, Delilah and Thor.  I told them if people hesitated with human babies, Kevin wouldn’t have been here (as he’s our second son).  In time, the fearless foursome will be happy and all will be good.  It will be a joy watching these two grow up…

Lived my passion…four nights out of four :)

I just got back to my motel room – with snacks, and a nice ham sandwich.  It’s been a good few days.  And as most of you know (and for those who don’t) I am a HUGE WWE wrestling fan.

Friday and Saturday I went to what they call “house shows.”  These are events that aren’t televised.  Many times these shows can be a lot of fun, as the performers can move “off script.”  Friday I went with a good friend, Tom.  Saturday I set off for Baltimore from my sister’s place.  I checked into a nice, comfy hotel room close to the venue.  I went to the show, hung out with the other fans and had a great time.

Sunday I woke up and drove from Baltimore to Philadelphia – for what is called the WWE’s Royal Rumble.  It’s a big deal in the wrestling world, and as it was my absolute favorite, my heart’s 40th birthday – WWE Superstar Sheamus – I needed to be there.  I had to be there.  And the event did not disappoint.  My boy regained his Tag Team Championship, and the entire event was wonderful.  It was made even better by the fans I was seated near.  There’s not much better in this world than a wrestling fan.

I wrapped up my four days of wrestling tonight, attending WWE Monday Night Raw (also in Philadelphia).  Again, the performers did not disappoint – even the star I don’t care for (Roman Reigns) did an amazing job in a match with The Miz.  My Stephen (ok, Sheamus) beautifully defended his Tag Team Title with his partner, Cesaro.  I left the building a very happy fan.

Thank you,…thank you for everything.

 28 3

I am a Dollar Tree girl…

Anyone who knows me knows that I just LOVE Dollar Tree.  I have found amazing things there to complete gift purchases, as well as perfect things for every day life.  That being said, even as this is one of my favorite places to shop, isn’t perfect.  Not that this will stop me from shopping there, but…I’ll continue.
For a long time, they sold an AMAZING hair removal cream.  It worked great, and at a dollar it was such a great value, and so much cheaper than Nair or Neet.  Yet, inexplicably they stopped carrying it.  So for this, DT gets a “nay.”
Their choice of nail polish is amazing.  That being said, each individual store has their own standard for neatness and organization with the bottles.  If you don’t mind that your particular store might not be the best with showcasing what they have, you will find good choices.  Some of the stores even have deals with two bottles on one card.  So…yay!
The toilet paper and the dishwashing liquid – good in a pinch, to have on hand just in case you run out of your regular, better stuff – overall I would say “nay!”
Same thing with the pillow cases and the 3 package of socks – you might get lucky with a case that doesn’t fray, and the socks might last more than a few washings, so…yay, but a middle of the road yay.
Yay to the 24 ounce box of pasta, which with combined with a jar of DT sauce and a loaf of their garlic bread – feeds a few people.  It’s all good.
Greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper – all YAY.  You can’t beat for this stuff.  100% yay.
We eat a lot of eggs in my house, so…even though they are medium eggs (and we usually get large) this is a huge YAY for us, for an 18 count container..
The absolute BEST yay I can recommend is their Awesome Cleaner.  Years ago, I was at a church/temple rummage sale, and someone there recommended this product.  Oh my goodness, amazing!  It has cleaned a very dirty bathroom and has removed green grassy mold from our house, out on the front porch.  It can be used as a stain removal agent for laundry also.  Cannot say enough about this product.  And just think, it is only $1…

My Stanley…

***  edited for time; I am learning, blog people…
So somehow, Stanley had managed to totally charm the entire Veterinary office.  He went for his checkup, the first he’s had since arriving in Florida (aside from the worming visit we had in November). 
At ten years old, he is twelve pounds and is in great health.  I was very happy to hear this, as many aspects of his relocation from PA to FL have not been easy.  He was a very brave boy as he got his one injection, yet he was glad to walk back into his carrier and get ready for the drive home.

Never before have I had a cat so totally in love with me, and I don’t know why.  Despite his odd personality (you will all hear about him in the future, I am sure) he’s my boy.  And I love him with all my heart.


And so it begins…

..I finally got this thing up and running.  Do I know what I am doing?  No, not really.  I am a 54 year old woman who has some similar interests to those my age, and some that are nothing a person of my age usually likes.
I want to hear others opinions, stories, what they like and what they don’t like.  What I should be doing, and could be doing.  I need help to be motivated in some ways, and in other ways I think I can help people with things that are in my strong  suit, as they say.  Whoever they are.  
Please join me.  I hope I can bring some interesting things to light, and if I’m able to make some smile, and think “hey, that’s like me!” it will all be good.
Now excuse me while I go to take one of our seven cats to the vet.  Yes, I did say SEVEN.  I live with my cousin, and dare I say we have been called “crazy cat ladies.”