Last year, at this time my sister and I were getting ready to go away for the weekend trip of a lifetime – a great, quick getaway to Dublin, Ireland. Fast forward to now, one year later – and I am sitting on the carpeted floor in my living room, watching Maury and looking at the SNOW outside my window. I truly hate it.
I kept thinking all week while watching the reports that they must be mistaken – it would just HAVE to pass us by, right? Wrong. No such luck. It started about two hours ago, and it is sticking. The news reports are saying that this storm is coming in waves – snow, then rain, then more snow. And of course, we all know what this means – ice. It is hard to distinguish what is worse – the snow, the cold or the ice.
Jeff is on a four-day work week, and somehow lucked out to having tonight through Saturday be his time off. This is a good thing. I have started work as a home health aide, and it’s looking like I may get skipped on the shift tomorrow, or at least it will be starting later. This makes me happy – as if anything can during times like this. Have I mentioned that I hate this weather?
I will be making my specialty Shepherd’s Pie tonight – having the oven on will warm up the place, and I need me some Irish comfort food.
Stay warm, y’all…..

Makeup…Do You Get What You Pay For? Maybe…

As I mentioned earlier, my son and daughter in law were recently married. Truly, it was a perfect day with all members of both families getting along very well, and everyone was happy.
The morning of the wedding, the girls – me, Amanda, her mom, my ex’s GF Lorraine, Chris’ GF Bre – we went to get our hair and make up done. We were stunning, if I do say so myself. And no doubt, once I’m really settled and back up and running here – I will post pictures of all us beautiful people!
I was very impressed with the salon, which was Lords and Ladies, in
Exeter, PA – they have a few locations. The girls working on us were nice, friendly, professional – and amazingly talented! So much so that I decided to go to their Fall Makeup Class. It was very reasonably priced, and besides – at that time, two weeks after the wedding – I was suffering from Amanda and Kevin withdrawal, so I just HAD to go!
The class was very informative. Now, yes – I have watched videos on makeup applications on you tube, and they have helped. Very much so. But in person, I don’t know – it was different, better. The class was five of us. Me, another woman in her I would say early 30s, and three teen girls. It was a fun night.
The technician taught us all tips, which we all obviously needed different ones. Then the night was wrapping up, and it was time for the sale – the hard sell, as I thought. It was none of that.
I did very much like the age-defying foundation, and it truly seemed to make me look better. That, combined with the setting spray – they have been a wonderful addition to my makeup collection. As with most other things in my life, I have a lot of…products. And a lot of these items came from not-quite-so-high-end stores. In many ways, I do believe these made and continue to make the difference in my appearance.
However, I am a thrifty person – despite liking how I look. So for quick runs out, errands – or even to the gym, because going there I don’t want to frighten anyone – I use my makeup. But my older stuff, the old reliables. Older foundation, older eyeliner. I even use a pretty much no name mist setting spray. Now being a bargain shopper and always looking for a deal, I have to say – for what I used this for, I must admit – the results were good. As good as with the more expensive stuff? Maybe. But in reality, probably not.
What I did find was the fact that I took the time to properly apply these (lower priced) products, and they made me look good. So a lesson was learned – yes, it’s great to treat yourself to a product or two that you consider higher end, and you will love the results. But it doesn’t matter if not all your products are top of the line – you can still be pretty, gorgeous, and the bell of the ball, as they say!
What would be the product or products you all out there consider a splurge? Consider worth paying more $$$ for? I know that I just cannot use certain mascaras – cheap or not, they just don’t work! Would love to hear your thoughts on this…
P.S. the makeup used at the class was Mirabella. It is very nice, and if you do in fact decide to treat yourself to some of their products – I do not think you will be disappointed.

Wow, it has been a LONG time…

Hello there. I knew it had been a while, but I didn’t realize it had been this long. So very much has happened since July.

Wwll, my living situation in Florida changed. I was living with my cousin and her adopted grandson. She was approved for disability, but her payments would not be coming in to her until January. So between her not getting anything, any money until then, and me not having a job – no other choice could be made. Sadly, we decided to give up our rental house and part ways. My cousin went back to her ex, a good man who was and will be the only grandfather her boy will ever know. Jeff, my shining star – despite loving Florida – decided to move home to Scranton with me. True love, that is what this is.

My amazing friend and now landlord Ellie gave us an AMAZING deal on the other part of her house (it is a duplex). We have a ton of room and a ton of storage. Truly, we are blessed.

I will continue to update. Jeff and I have adopted another cat – JB, he came with us from Florida. I just could not leave him there. In September, the 29th to be exact – my son Kevin married my wonderful daughter in law, Amanda. We are truly blessed.

To be continued, happily…

The sadness over leaving my boy…

…has been overshadowed by yet another delay in my travelling life time. I do not know what I can do to have a decent flight, either way – here or there, going or coming. Getting here was for the most part pretty good. Going home, not so much.

As I was saying goodbye to Amanda and Kevin, I felt my eyes tearing up. I saw it in his eyes too, and the last thing I wanted to do was to make him feel worse. So I made some stupid comment about how I hated telephone solicitors (one was calling as we were saying our goodbyes) and then it was ok. I walked into the terminal with tears in my eyes, trying to find the Allegiant counter. I found it (this is a small airport here in Allentown) and I knew the flight was delayed. According to the app on my phone, it was to be a ten-minute delay. If that was only the case. The plane at that time had not yet even left Florida, which meant we were looking at a long delay. Oh joy.

So I tried to make the best of it, and got to the gate. Called Kevin and joked on the phone about how I must have the worst luck of most travelers we know. I suddenly didn’t feel like crying anymore, which was a good thing. It did make me feel happy that my boy offered to come back to pick me up when and if my flight got cancelled (which we all know could happen).

I continued to make the best of things, if I could – I came to the PA Pub here at the airport, and met up with my girl – Stella. That’s Stella Artois. Love her.

Happy July!

Here’s hoping that everyone reading had a very happy 4th! I certainly did, as I spent these past few days in Pennsylvania. I was here to celebrate my son Kevin’s 28th birthday as well as my future daughter-in-law Amanda’s Bridal Shower.

The weekend just could not have been any better. I was a little apprehensive because I had not seen my ex sister-in-law and niece in quite some time, and I had never met my niece’s little boy. Everything went very well. We were all pleasant and gracious to one another, and the little guy is absolutely adorable. I cannot say Amanda was too surprised, as she had a feeling she was going to have a shower – she just didn’t know when it would be.

Our family and friends were very generous, and she got some really wonderful gifts. Amanda’s mom and aunt did a great job in setting the place up, and the food at the restaurant was just wonderful. After the presents were opened and the shower ended, we went back to Amanda and Kevin’s house for a birthday barbeque. This was also a good time, and everyone enjoyed themselves very much. For Kevin’s birthday the next day, Chris stayed over and the four of us went to a very famous smorgasboard restaurant here in the PA Dutch country.

The next day, we decided we were going to go shopping, but first decided on having a nice lunch out at this charming little place by a creek. It was just beautiful, delicious food in a gorgeous setting. Leaving there, we drove through the hills of Lancaster County and found a few treasures. In my last post I detailed what is my newest “thing” at thrift stores – men’s bathing suits as shorts for me (so my old body doesn’t have to look foolish in booty shorts). Also on this shopping excursion I found a pair of fancy shoes for the wedding, which is in just about 86 days! They are pretty, silver and shiny – I wish they were higher, but reality is that I just cannot wear heels without looking like something is wrong with me as I walk!

I’m sorry that my trip here has come to an end. I honestly don’t want to leave. I really don’t. Especially since yesterday we went and picked up a rabbit – his name is Arthas Tucker Rosentreter, and he is just adorable. I will talk about this little guy another time.

Thank you for the fun, Amanda and Kevin – I love you both!

My newest thrifting find…

Today I hit the motherlode, as they say. My son and future daughter-in-law and I were out thrift store shopping, as Kevin’s lost quite a bit of weight and wanted some new shorts. Since he still has weight to lose, he didn’t want to spend too much. So being the thrift store junkie that I am – off we went.

Kevin was thrilled to find four pairs of khaki shorts in the size that he’s at right now. He paid less than $24 for all four, and he was so happy. They met me a little while later at the front of the store and asked me what I had bought. They smiled when I told them.

I am fifty-five years old, and though I have a decent figure and I am at a good weight (120 lbs.) I just cannot wear these booty shorts on the market today. Falling in love with flamingos since I moved to Florida, one day in WalMart I saw perfect shorts with them on – except they were in the men’s department. I slipped them over my leggings, and took them. This gave me a great idea, and a week later at some thrift store home – I don’t remember if it was Salvation Army or Goodwill – I got another pair.

Today I found four gorgeous pair – I wear a men’s small. I got a pair of green and brown tropical ones, different shades of blue, almost like an ombre shade. I got two blue plaids that will go great with all of my Lightning clothes.

And while this isn’t earth shattering, I just love when something goes my way when it comes to saving money. And also at looking good for a reasonable cost. These shorts are very becoming on me. With a pretty tank top and nice sandals, I can look good, not like a “ho” or an old fool and can stay cool (well, cooler) in the hot Florida weather. These are not the exact ones I got, but I really DO want those rubber ducky ones!

A sort-of desperate need for cheap meals…

My current financial situation is bleak, and while I know it won’t last forever, I do know that it requires thought and planning. I have a lot of things coming up in these next few months, and in order to get all these things done – it’s crunch time.

Jeff and I will be travelling back to Pennsylvania for my son Kevin’s wedding to Amanda in September. This will involve plane fare, a car rental, a hotel for the night of the wedding (before we will be staying with the kids) and who knows what else. So between now and then, we have to watch our pennies.

We usually spend Saturday and Sunday nights together, and it’s nice to go out to eat one of those nights. I have recently discovered Steak and Shake, and I love it. Jeff says I am a cheap date, because dinner there for the two of us costs less than $20. On the other night, I try to make something so we can save some dough, as they say.

The last few weeks, we have had some nice dinners. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy but we ate good, we were happy and we were together. Now of course none of this includes beer, which to me for the most part is a necessity. If needed, we could drink iced tea (which I make with tea bags from Dollar Tree) or even cold water with a lemon or whatever. But as usual, I digress…

We had spaghetti with meat sauce one night. It was one jar of sauce, one pound of ground beef fried up and included and one box of spaghetti. We are not big garlic bread eaters, but for another $1 we could have included that too. This meal (without the bread) cost $4 with plenty of leftovers.

One night we had tacos. I bought a frozen “chubb” of ground turkey with taco seasoning for $1.50, and a combo pack of six soft and six hard tacos. We had some shredded lettuce and some grated Mexican Blend Cheese, and for Jeff I diced up half an onion. There was a ton left over. I brought all this stuff with us and we heated it up in the hotel room’s microwave when we decided to get away for a night (his treat with my Expedia points).


Also recently, we have had Creamy Chicken Casserole. I used two cans of canned chicken and a bag of egg noodles. Cooked the noodles, put them back into a big pot. To that I then added the two cans of chicken, and two cans of cream of chicken soup. I had a can of carrots on hand, so I included those as well. Mixed it all up (adding milk to make a sort-of gravy) and then transferred it into a casserole dish. It was delicious and the total cost was about $5-6. And there were plenty of leftovers, too.

So, it can be done. And done pretty well, if I do say so myself. Jeff agrees.

yankees game

I Love My Bed

I do. It’s comfortable and I sleep SO good in it. This is also quoted on the waistband of two pairs of pajama pants I have. There’s nothing like snuggling down in a comfy bed after a long day.

I also love the feel of clean, crisp sheets. And ones that smell as good as they feel. For years on the days I change my sheets, I try to spray them with linen spray. I got a beautiful smelling one from Christine for Christmas. As it was starting to run out, I knew I needed to get more. But with my current financial situation, I didn’t want to spend a lot. It was then that I got an idea.

I could have just used perfume, but I don’t think it would have worked as well. Maybe it would have been too heavy, and not lasted as long? I don’t know. So one day, I was in one of my favorite places – where else but Dollar Tree. Found myself in the candle aisle, and I saw what they call Liquid Potpourri. Hmmm, I thought – hey, this is a scent called Fresh Linen – coincidence, maybe. I don’t know, but that’s the scent of what I like to spray on my sheets. It was only a dollar, so I put it in my cart. After that, I went over to the aisle that has spray bottles. I picked one out, of course it had to be Lightning Blue. I came home with my new idea, not knowing if it would be ok or not. Who knew? So two days later when it was time to change the sheets, I poured some of this liquid potpourri in the spray bottle and did my sheets with it. I started slow and easy at first, not knowing if I should add some water to the bottle. No, it needed nothing. Just as is, it was fine and smelled wonderful.

The small bottle of “real” sheet spray was 4 ounces and I am sure it was costly. My just-as-good linen treatment was $2.00 for a 33.6 ounce bottle and the sprayer. I got myself a deal. I did good! I am proud…

linen sprays

Living Beneath My Means…

I moved here to sunny Florida last October. And I absolutely love it. Thankfully, while here I have been receiving Unemployment Compensation from the state of Pennsylvania. I was concerned to learn the balance in my account has run out, despite the year-anniversary of my initial claim has not yet come up on the calendar. This means the last payment posted to my account today is it – it is over. No more money coming in. So, whatever I’ve got – that’s all I’ve got.

Recently, I have started driving for Lyft. I really enjoy it – so far, all the riders I have had have been very nice. I have no complaints at all. It has been known as the perfect part-time job, in that you can set your own hours and you can work as little or as much as you want. However, at this time – I cannot afford to be laid back about this. Lyft has suddenly become my full-time job, at least until I can get a position elsewhere.

I have always tried to live beneath my means so I can afford to do the extra things I’ve wanted to do. Now this will be a necessity, so I can have money coming in to pay my bills – my half of the rent, cell phone, my car payment. It won’t be hard, in some ways. In other ways it will be hard because I’ve always felt ok about little extra purchases because I economize on other things. I know it won’t be this way forever, and eventually I will get a full-time job and things will go back to normal. I hope.

Jeff and I just went to a Yankees vs. Rays game – my first Yankees game, and my first in a dome. It was great. We had a wonderful time. Jeff is a baseball nut, so in order to fit in with the fashion sense of the day, I bought a Yankees t-shirt. It was a steal of a deal on some website, with free shipping – and it only cost $4.14. So fast forward to now, as we are planning a trip to Miami. Jeff is an oddity – he is both a Yankees AND Mets fan. We are seeing the Mets play the Marlins there. And I cannot find a Mets t-shirt anywhere, anywhere on line for a decent price. So yes, I could break down and find the nicest one for the best price – but it will still cost more than I should spend. Unless I can find a Mets t-shirt for $4.14 with free shipping, I won’t be buying one. I just can’t. Being an Islanders and Broncos fan, I have plenty of blue, orange and white in my wardrobe. I even have jewelry in these colors. This is what I will do – I want to support the team (my Dad used to work near Shea Stadium in New York City, and I saw a lot of Mets games), but at this point in my financial life, my support will have to be limited to team colors. And you know what, that is ok. It doesn’t really bother me. We will have a fun weekend away, and hopefully we will see a win. We didn’t see a Yankees win, but we did see a good game that went to thirteen innings.

Living beneath my means has never bothered me, because it’s been a choice. Now it is a necessity. I think I’m going to be ok…

US Currency is seen in this January 30,


Some may say I am addicted to wrestling, and to a point this is true. While it is not a physical addiction, I must confess to having two of these. And either one is not what anyone would think.

My name is Lisa, and I am addicted to…nasal spray and chap stick. See, there. I said it. These are two of the most ridiculous things to be addicted to. I have a physical need for the nasal spray. Without it, I can’t breathe. Depending on how I’m feeling (or the season/time of the year) I can use this stuff several times a day. The need for the chap stick products came about on their own, but now I am to the point that if I use one, I need the other.

I did some research online, and I am not the only person out there with these dependencies. It is actually quite the opposite – google it, and you will see. Being so dependent on these products is getting tiresome. I am starting to decide what strategies will work for me. It is frustrating to always have the spray bottle with me. The chap stick products are even worse – I need to have a normal one, one that is extra moisturizing and the medicated kind too.

Is there anyone out there reading this who has experienced either of these first hand, or do you know anyone who has gone through this same kind of problem? I would be interested in hearing from you.

I hope to conquer this once and for all.