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We all lead busy lives. So busy that sometimes it feels overly indulgent to spend any extra minutes taking care of ourselves. The guilt about taking care of our own selves (in addition to all of our other responsibilities) needs to go away. Even with limited time, we can do some little extras to make ourselves (feel like we) matter. And the best part is these little things add up and make you feel pretty good.

In addition to daily care, once a week I focus on deep cleaning dental tasks. I will brush my teeth, then maybe rinse them – with a plaque rinse, or even with just regular mouthwash. I will floss them with extra care and extra time. I will brush them again. Also, I will use some of the dental instruments I have to go the extra mile – I have an electric flosser that I will use after (or before) regular hand-held flossing. I will go back and forth with all of these little things – it barely takes ten minutes, yet it feels wonderfully indulgent. I feel that I have gone the extra mile to make sure my teeth look healthy, and are healthy too.

I condition my hair all the time, every time I wash it in the shower. Using instant conditioner assures my hair will for the most part be soft and (almost) silky. Sometimes though, my hair feels almost like it belongs on a scarecrow. When that is the case, I will wash my hair in the kitchen sink. I’ll rinse it, and then comb it through with the same instant conditioner. I’ll leave it on my head for maybe ten minutes – or if I get distracted doing something, maybe longer. Once I’m done taking a shower and rinsing my hair, it feels extra soft. The benefit of leaving on even instant conditioner for a decent amount of time makes a big difference. Try it and see what I mean.

I do my own sort of treatment to my legs and arms. I will take a face cloth and maybe make it damp – maybe not. I will rub my legs and arms in, lightly scrubbing them. Then I will take a shower, using some sort of “indulgent” soap (note I am going to have to change this, as my allergist thinks a lot of my itching may be from inappropriate products that I use on my skin). Getting out of the shower, I’ll dry off – yes, patting dry not rubbing dry. Once dry, I will lather on as much lotion or cream as I can stand. Rubbing it in, almost massaging as I go. The extra care you give yourself will make you feel as though your shower was just a little more special.

Ok, so for anyone who knows me – they know I hate feet. I have had a foot aversion for quite some time now. It probably goes back to a horrific video I saw in a Diabetes Education class. I have vowed that maybe once I die, my body may be in bad shape – but my feet never will be. As far as feet go, my feet are ok. I wear about a size 7 1/2 – which is just fine. This size shoe also allows you to get some cute shoes from the discount box stores in their Girls sizes (look for size 6). But I digress. I take care of my feet every day. I will rinse them and soak them in warm water. Some days I will soak them in soapy, conditioned water. I will rub my feet in with cream or lotion. After EVERY shower I take, I will take a thin washcloth and dry my feet thoroughly and again will rub them in with lotion or cream. After this care, I always always always put a pair of socks on. I usually choose those fuzzy kinds. I will paint my toenails also, usually in a color matching whatever season we’re in. I may look bad but my feet will always look good.

Now that I am a Mary Kay Consultant, my skin care routine involves our wonderful products. Currently I am trying to find ways to deal with the milia “pimples” I have had pop up on my face. I will spend a bit of time picking (I know, I know), tweezing, cutting. Once I’m satisfied that I’ve gone through and did all I need to do, I will rinse and wash my face. At this time, I will probably do a mask of some sort. My go-to Mask is our Charcoal Deep Cleansing Mask. It is the best selling mask in the United States for good reason – it really does remove from your skin all the gunk and junk. When you are done with it, your skin is left soft, cleansed and overall – just much healthier. Your skin will thank you. I promise.

There are so many other little things you can do that sometimes all it takes is reminders not to forget them. Drink plenty of water, and when you think you’ve had enough, drink some more. Water is the single best drink for your skin. Fill your diet up with more fruits and vegetables – they will make your skin glow! Move as much as you can. As much as I hate it, exercise is important. Sleep as much as you can. You’ve never regret getting too much sleep but you will notice pretty quickly when you haven’t had enough. The last point – if you choose to drink alcohol, decide to go with wine or beer (yes!!). These two are much better for your overall appearance – I just knew it!

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