Zzzzzzzz…time to sleep!

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Sleep is important. Most people don’t get enough sleep. I know that I don’t. Some nights I have a lot of energy and can do things until I drop. Then there are other nights when I sit down on the couch with the cats to relax and watch the six o’clock news, and I am done and down for the count. Sleep feels good, and it does a bunch of other beneficial things. Such as…

A good night’s sleep can improve your focus. Whether it is for work, for pleasure or getting a Direct Sales Business up and running, being able to focus on the tasks at hand is very important. When I am tired, I am scattered with my mind running all over the place. A well rested person is much more likely to be a focused person.

Your skin will look and feel better with adequate sleep. A good appearance requires good skin, or healthy skin. Like we say in Mary Kay, your makeup game will never be a 10 if your skin care is a 2.

If you sleep enough, you reduce your chances of inflammation. I currently am suffering from some sort of auto-immune disease, and anything I can do to keep myself from feeling the pains I get with this ailment, I’m going to do.

Sleeping the right amount of time will balance your hormones, Hormones are responsible for so many things that go on within our bodies. Adequate rest will also speed up your metabolism. A healthy metabolism energizes your body to function at a high level. This is what we should all strive for.

Sleeping enough also reduces your risk of disease. When you are rested you are more able to fight off infections, germs and anything else that can make you feel unwell. Proper rest repairs and restores the things in you that just need a break.

You should plan to get the right amount of sleep. Plan for it like you plan getaways with friends and outings to do chores. You won’t get as much enjoyment in things, and everyday tasks seem so much worse when you’re tired and dragging. Determine the right amount of sleep for you – some people do need more than others. And once you find the amount that energizes you for your day, don’t take it for granted. Treat sleep as what it is – something important, something that you need to consider to be the best that you can be.

Sweet dreams…

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