It’s not been all bad…

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This has been one HECK of a year.  We have had one of the most significant elections in American history – that goes without saying.  And then there was the Pandemic.  The Corona Virus.  Covid-19.  Again, another monumental happening that has shaped 2020 into the year it has been.  Depending on what political side you are on, the election results could be considered good or bad.  Everyone agrees that Covid and the ramifications in everything this Pandemic has touched has been disastrous.  There have been too many losses, with regard to lives and much more.  As a healthcare worker, it is gratifying for me to see the appreciation and admiration the public has for the medical community.  The professionals at our hospital (and the RN’s in my own family) went above and beyond the call of duty.  They truly are heroes.  It has also been nice seeing respect for jobs that may have been overlooked or even discounted in the past.

That brings me to gratitude.  As a family, we have had a lot to be thankful for in this crazy year.  We are very happy our two RN’s, Alex and Bre cared for Covid patients in a compassionate and caring way, and were able to stay negative throughout it all.  We are thrilled beyond words to be able to welcome our little grandson Blake William next April.  Besides that, we are immensely thankful that when Blake’s Mommy Amanda caught Covid, it was handled appropriately and she is fine.  Who would have thought that a 911 Dispatcher would test positive, yet the girls who are RN’s working with it every day didn’t get it? 

We had a beautiful family wedding when Bre and Chris were married.  Everyone attended, everyone was safe and everyone was very happy.  It was a wonderful family affair.  Alex and Michael got engaged in February, and will be celebrating their wedding next June.  Michael also graduated from College and got a job – in his chosen career.  He is a teacher with the Philadelphia School District, though he is teaching virtually right now.  He enjoys it very much.

Jeff and I moved from our apartment at Ellie’s place to a new place – as I’ve written before, we now live in a 3-family house owned by my ex-husband.  He redid it, and it is just beautiful.  We really like it there.  Everything is so new.  The cats did have a hard time adjusting from so much carpet to the new laminate flooring though – they did a lot of sliding around when we first got there!

It was great to hear that my sister got a promotion at her job.  She will still be working for her same company and will still be able to work from home (which she’s done for years and years, not just since the lockdown).  It is a job she is more than qualified for, and a job I know she will do great at!

I am very happy that I was able to come out on the other side of my kidney problems in January and February.  The complications that had me readmitted to the hospital after my initial surgery were frightening to say the least.  I was able to stay home from work for a while so I could recover properly.  During this time, we took a wonderful family cruise.  It was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed everything about it.  As we say, we ate our way along the high seas!

I had two hockey highlights in 2020.  First, in February we were able to attend a game on Long Island where beforehand the New York Islanders retired my all time favorite player’s number – John Tonelli #27.  I had vowed when they finally retired it, I would be there – and I was.  It was wonderful.  I cried.  It was an honor that was long over due.  And on September 28th of this year, my Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup!  This was the biggest moment in my hockey life since May of 1980 when the Islanders won their first – in OT!  As the game was ending, I realized this REALLY WAS IT – they were going to be Champions!  I screamed, I cried, I jumped up and down – I scared the cats to death!  I was so happy, the team looked so happy.  It was a wonderful, perfect, amazing night.  Anyone who has lived and died for a team like I have for the Lightning will understand this feeling.  It was something I will never forget.

My friends, these are my reasons why I can say 2020 wasn’t all bad.  I hope you all had some highlights too!

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