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As usual, I have been doing a lot of thinking.  My mind goes in all sorts of directions.  And also as usual, these things are all fairly random.  Rather than trying to group them into separate categories, I thought I would write about what goes back and forth in my head – in no particular order, with no rhyme or reason.

We recently had a roasting chicken for dinner.  It was delicious, and it provided us with more than two meals.  I boiled the bones, the carcass – whatever you call it – to make broth that I will use for soup.  Once it was done,I drained the broth, and as I looked at the bones in the pot, I remembered reading somewhere that you could use these bones more than once.  I put these bones in another pot, and prepared them to make the broth just like I had the first time.  This time, though I added one bouillon cube.  Sure enough, I ended up with a second batch of broth that looked as good and as strong as the first one.  I didn’t try it a third time.  I was just pleased that what I thought would work out actually did!

I end up messing up my eye makeup a lot of the time when I am getting ready for my day.  Many times it comes from the blob at the end of my mascara wand.  I know that an aglet is the little plastic piece at the end of a shoelace.  I did not know that the metal piece that connects an eraser to a pencil top is called a ferrule.  I found out about the ferrule when I was researching if this “blob” has a name, or a term to describe it.  From what I read, it does not.  If anyone out there can find out what it is called, please let me know.  Maybe it is time to come up with a word for it other than blob.  Any ideas?

Recently I have seen that it is possible for an apology to have taken place without hearing any words.  I have witnessed individuals who have been, shall we say…estranged.  The latest dealings these people have had with one another have been different than they had been in the past.  In fact, it could be considered downright pleasant.  To my knowledge, no apologies or admittance of guilt occurred.  I guess each one for the most part came halfway.  Maybe it is true that time does heal all wounds.

I was baking a cake for the party we threw for my sister’s 50th birthday last weekend.  As I was gathering all the ingredients, getting ready – I grabbed the milk from the refrigerator (I usually substitute milk for water in box mix recipes) and had an idea.  What would the cake taste like if I used flavored creamer?  Well, the answer to that is delicious!  I substituted the water for mostly creamer – I chose Butter Pecan – and milk.  What a nice flavor the cake had, and it came out very creamy and moist.  Everyone loved it!

It pays to be careful about your money.  I know everyone says they are, but go over your finances, bills, etc. again.  I noticed odd charges on our satellite bill – I assumed they were charges somehow related to our recent move.  I called, and found out what they were.  They were for a service we did not want, and did not even ask for.  Promptly they were removed.  I am glad I didn’t just assume, I am glad I inquired.  Also, it does not hurt to question the price of an item – either in a regular retail store, or in a thrift store (where most items are listed “as is).  I was at the store recently, and upon putting a box of cookies up on the conveyer belt, I noticed that the box was open.  Looking inside, it was clear that nothing was amiss, nothing was wrong.  No tampering had occurred.  The cookies were inside inner packaging.  Still, I didn’t want a box that was like that.  I was putting it to the side, and the cashier said she would take it.  The front end manager was there and was about to take the item from the cashier.  She looked at it, and asked if I still would want it – for a discount.  I said, sure ok.  They gave me fifty cents off a box of $2 cookies.  I was happy, thinking I got a great deal.  I was also given $2 off a $10 jewelry box at a thrift store when they saw that a pretty significant knob was missing.  The clerk said they would never have had a $10 price tag on it if it had been in that condition when it was priced.  It won’t be hard to replace the knob.  I will probably keep it, but I may be able to resell it for a profit. 

Recent food hacks I have come across were one I knew, and one I was glad to find out about.  I always knew it was a good idea to make ice cubes out of your leftover coffee – this way, you could use them in your iced coffee without watering it down (and I also frequently use these cubes in my hot coffee to cool it off since I can not drink scalding coffee).  My nephew (who is in college currently studying for Restaurant Management) told me this one years ago.  The new hack I came across was for wine, though I am not a wine drinker.  If you do not want to dilute your wine with ice, but you want the wine to be colder, have some grapes in your freezer to use as ice cubes.  Green grapes for white wine, purple grapes for red.  A great idea I never thought of, yet it certainly does make a lot of sense.

It may be a bit of time before we can use these infant and child hacks, as baby Blake is not even due until April.  I saw what I thought was a great hack.  It was a picture of a baby, in a rectangular laundry basket.  The basket was in a tub of water, with bubbles.  The basket gave him a bit of support to his back, and his bath toys were in easy reach – not floating away from him.  I thought that was very clever!  And as many things as clothespins are good for, I didn’t realize they could be used to hold cards for little ones when you are playing a game with them.  You can put them in the pin with the relevant sides facing the child, and not you – so you are not cheating.  No more dropped cards, no more frustration.  Another clever idea.

Randomly rambling around on the internet had me finding a few very cute short jokes.  I will share them with you now. 

 – Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance.  So I pushed her over…     – My boss told me to have a good day.  So I went home…     –  Worker calls in sick, saying “I can’t come in today.”  Boss asks why.  Worker says “I have an eye problem.  I can’t see myself working today.”     –  If we didn’t have laughs and humor at work, what would we have?  Ulcers, that’s what we would have…

I admit, I chuckled.  I hope you did too!

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