Gift Baskets for the Holidays…

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Little kids like to count the number of “sleeps” left until they get to something they are looking forward to.  We have about fifty-seven sleeps left until Santa makes his appearance.  As you know, we are in the middle of moving.  Believe it or not, packing and unpacking things during this move has actually helped me to be more organized for this gift-giving season.

For many years I have always bought things far in advance in preparation for upcoming birthdays or the holidays.  I am one of those people who buy Christmas wrap at a 50%, 75% or even a 90% discount.  During the year, I pick up gifts for people that I think they will like.  I have everything ready this year to start wrapping and tagging early.  With being organized this far in advance, hopefully any last minute things that pop up will be small bumps and not road blocks.  One of my favorite things to do, whether it is with items I have collected throughout the year or with new items purchased for a specific reason or person is to create Gift Baskets.

You don’t have to use ONLY a basket for a gift like this.  You can use a bucket, a laundry basket, a large bowl for food items, an oddly shaped storage bin.  Maybe even a frying pan or stock pot.  I have a never ending supply of baskets that I have gotten from my thrift store visits.  I prefer to buy baskets that in one way or another are unusual, usually in terms of their shape.

There are so many possibilities of the kinds of gift baskets you can create.  I have done so many over the years that it is hard to really remember them all.  Mostly every one that I have given as a gift has been very well received. 

I have made many food baskets.  These have included a Pasta Lovers Basket (spaghetti, sauce, jarred grated cheese), a Pizza Basket (pizza pan, packaged shelf pepperoni, pizza sauce and you can even include a pre-baked pizza shell) and an Ice Cream Party basket (I included dishes, pretty reusable plastic utensils, syrup, an ice cream scoop, chocolate syrup and a jar of sprinkles).  I have also done Coffee Lovers and Tea Lovers baskets.

For your crafty friends and family, you can make them a Craft Basket filled with things that help them do their creations.  I have also done baskets dedicated to a certain team.  I put a few items in with the selected team logo, and fill in with other items in coordinated colors.  A Pet Lovers basket is always a good choice – people just love their pets!  You can include treats and toys.

One of my favorite type of baskets to do are Pampering baskets.  I have done pedicure baskets, body and skin care baskets.  I have done ones especially for teenage boys, and for young girls.  You can make these baskets as big or as small as you want.  Sometimes you have a few nice personal care items you know a certain person would like.  There is no better way to group them together than in a basket or a container, put it in a cellophane bag and tie some pretty ribbon on.  That’s a nice gift to give and to receive.

A nice gift for a recovering person is a Get Well basket.  In this type of basket, you can put calming essential oils, puzzle books, maybe a CD of relaxing music.  You can also include some treats that you know they like and will lift their spirits (doctor’s orders permitting, of course).  Do not underestimate how nice it would be to include a friendly card with a personal note.

There are a lot of candle lovers out there – why not make a Candle Lovers basket? In this basket you could include some candles, a torch, a candle tray and a pretty porcelain candle topper.  If you have no idea of what to get a certain person, yet you know something about them that maybe defines them – for example, do a Favorite Color basket.  I did this for a friend – she loves purple, so everything that went in the basket (and the basket itself) was purple.  It was a hit!

And there you have it – ways to make your loved ones happy with baskets.  Several on my list will be getting a basket this year.  I hope they like them!

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