Moving…it is STRESSFUL!

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We are in the middle of moving.  Only having been where we are for a little over two years, we didn’t think we would leave so soon.  But an opportunity presented itself that we just couldn’t turn down, so we are on the road.  It’s a short road – we are moving only two miles from where we are now.

My marriage broke up in the summer of 2014.  Ever since then, when I have moved from place to place, I did it with the intention to get it done fast.  This time, I wanted to do it right.  I wanted to do it in an organized way.  I wanted to see what I had, what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to get rid of.  As I found out during this journey, doing it right without a doubt does not mean doing it fast.

I had boxes of….everything from a life (an adult, married raising children life) that spanned over thirty years.  This chore of finally being organized was not going to be easy.  I could have just moved our (well mostly MY) things fast, but I had done that way too many times over the last several years.  There were (and are, as we are not yet done) lots of bins, boxes, storage items – of many different kinds of items.  We decided to make this move about two months ago, and fairly consistently since then I have been purging, etc. with my possessions.

Two weeks ago, we rented a truck – had some of the kids come to help, and moved most of what we had in Place One to Place Two.  This was a challenge, and at the current time Jeff and I are living apart – he is at the new place getting that together while me and the cats are at the old place finishing up there.

I have come to realize a lot of things during this move.  Most importantly is to start early and be prepared.  I think for most people who are fairly and reasonably organized, two months is more than enough time.  Like I said, I had a lot of things and that is why it is taking us so long.

Keep your everyday essentials where you can get to them easily.  Do not try to prepare so much that somehow things that are important get packed.  You will be wondering where they went, and you will have to unpack things you thought were done and taken care of.  Trust me.

Expect to be overwhelmed.  I usually do not get like this.  I am a go-with-the-flow type of person for the most part.  I would wake up in the middle of the night, and for whatever reason my head and brain would start thinking about what I had to do.  Thinking started me worrying that things wouldn’t get done right, on time or not at all.  Most of the time, it worked when I would talk to myself literally about how I was going to handle something.  I found the more I talked about things, either to myself or to Jeff – that I was more calm and felt more reasonable.

Plan for disasters – because they will happen.  As long as they are not major disasters, you will be fine.  Jeff and I ordered two beautiful couches.  They are electric reclining couches, and they will look just perfect in our new living room.  That is, if they ever get delivered.  There was a problem one week with the couches fitting up the top staircase.  Delivery was reordered, and today the problem was (after the couches were taken out of the boxes) that they would not even fit up the first staircase.  The store took our reorder for two loveseats which we have been assured will fit.  However, they will not be delivered until December 13th, which is well after the 50th Birthday Bash we are having for my sister.  Be flexible – it’s the only way to not get overly frustrated.

We are lucky in that our rent situation isn’t changing all too much, with different bills factored in – so we aren’t concerned with finances.  The only thing with that is that we see things we need, things we have that can’t be used from one place to the other.  So we have been buying, buying, buying.  At least that’s what it seems we have been doing.

You have to give yourself a break during this process.  It is stressful.  Unexpected things are going to come up.  I think part of the stress of this move is that my youngest son is getting married this weekend.  Besides all that goes along with the move, there are things to be dry cleaned, hair and nail appointments that have to be gone to, shoes to search for (which is not easy when you’re not sure what shoe box they are in at which location).  I have thought of my own mother a lot during these past few weeks – a favorite saying of hers was “this too shall pass.”  I so wish my parents were here.  I know that soon enough, Chris will be happily married and Jeff and I (and the furries) will be happily settled in our new humble abode.  That time cannot come fast enough!

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