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I belong to a lot of groups, pages and lists on Facebook.  One of the groups recently had a 26-day long gratitude posting – each day members were to post what they were grateful for, corresponding to a letter of the alphabet.  I only found out about this challenge when it was more than half way done.  I started thinking of what I am thankful for.  Some of my letters are personal, and some are general.

A is for Amanda and Alex.  Amanda is my daughter-in-law, married to my son Kevin.  She’s also the Mom to be of my soon to be born grandson, Blake.  Alex is my oldest son’s fiancé.  She and Michael will be married next June.  I am thankful that my sons found the perfect women for them.  I love them both.

B is for Bre and Baby Boy Blake.  Bre is my youngest son Chris’ fiancé, and she will become our daughter-in-law next weekend.  The two of them grew up together, from in-love teenagers to soon-to-be newlyweds.  Watching them grow together has been a pleasure.  Baby Boy Blake – our up and coming grandson, our first grandchild.  I love him already, even though we won’t be meeting him until April.  He is due around the 22nd, and with his birth I will be getting the best birthday gift I ever will have gotten.  B is also for Boris.  He is one of our eighteen-month old kittens.  He is all black, with a tiny tuft of white under his neck.  He is a carnivore – he loves ham steaks, and also crunchy noodles from the Chinese restaurant.  He is also one of the funniest cats I have ever seen.  B is also for Beavis.  He is thirteen years old, extremely good looking and the best behaved cat ever.  I don’t think he has ever gotten in trouble for anything.  He is perfect.

C is for Chris and Christine.  Chris is my youngest son.  He has always been a good boy, and we are very proud.  From a very young age, he was mature and had a good head on his shoulders.   Christine is my very best friend.  I am lucky to have someone who has always been by my side and has always had my back.  I love them both.

D is for Dan, my nephew.  I remember the day we got the phone call saying he had been born, and now he is an 18-year old college student.  He is a good and kind kid, and he’s already an amazing cook – he’s studying to have this be his field, his chosen profession.  We are very proud of him.

E is for Ellie.  Ellie is a dear friend who helped us out when we first moved back from Florida.  She gave us a place to live.  I have only known her for a little over three years, but it feels like a lifetime.  We are lucky to have her.

F is for Fan, and G is for Gratitude.  I have been a fan of many things in my life, most notably WWE wrestling and recently hockey and the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning.  Being a fan of both these things have given me wonderful memories of good times.  I enjoyed hockey due to the influence of my father, and with Michael and Christine have made many wrestling memories.  I am grateful for being a fan.

H is for Happy, because that is what I am.  I have a wonderful family, perfect friends and a great life.  I is for Inspirational – I am lucky to work in a hospital where it is absolutely inspirational to see the caring that these people we call medical professionals (and I call them coworkers) possess.  They are Incredible!

J is for Jeanmarie and Jeff.  Jeanmarie is my sister and Jeff is my boyfriend.  I have known Jeanmarie for almost fifty years (her birthday is coming up) and Jeff for not even three years – yet he is the love of my life.  I am beyond lucky to have the two of them.  I feel fortunate to know that they both feel the same about me.

K is for Kevin.  He is my middle son.   Kevin was born happy and has remained that way for his entire life.  He is also extremely kind.  He is going to be a wonderful Daddy to Blake.

L is for Lexi.  I should really say aLexi, because that is her name – though we never call her that.  She is our beautiful two year old cat.  The girl has a lot of nicknames, but my favorite for her is the Queen.  That is what she is.

M is for Michael and Malenky.  Michael is my oldest son.  He was an easy baby, the perfect little person to teach me to become a Mom.  He is beginning his career as a sixth-grade teacher – if children ever get back into a classroom.  Malenky is one of our eighteen-month old kittens.  I found him in our basement – he could barely walk as he came to me.  He was three weeks old.  I fed him, trained him and took care of him as best as I could.  We learned together.  He is perfect, and we love him very much.

N is for Nik and Natasha.  Nik is two years old and is Lexi’s brother.  He is a big boy, and he is studly – except when he sleeps.  When he sleeps, he looks kind of like a bunny rabbit.  Natasha is the third of our eighteen-month old kittens.  She is pretty and quiet – very timid.  She’s the perfect compliment to her older sister, the Queen.  Natasha is the Princess.

O is for open-minded.  It is what I strive for.  I want to consider all points of view before I make my decisions or an opinion.  P is for patience.  Having seven cats in your home takes a lot of patience for sure.  P is also for peace.  We really need more of it in this world.  Q is for quality of life, and I have got it good.  We are in the middle of moving to a beautiful new place.  R is for real.  Like people say, I keep it real.  I am not fake and I am not phony.  I am proud of that.

S is for Stanley.  He is our other thirteen year old cat.  Stanley is very vocal, and he does not mind dancing to Bee Gees songs with me.  He is very attached to me, and he loves his family – even if we sometimes refer to him as a grumpy old man.

T is for Tom.  Tom has been a dear friend and coworker of mine for many years.  He is like the little brother best friend I never had.  T is also for the Tampa Bay Lightning, my favorite hockey team and current Stanley Cup Champions.  They replaced the New York Islanders in my hockey-heart, something I never thought was possible.  But, they did it.

U is for unique.  I am thankful for being unique – it is a bit unusual to be a grown woman who is a crazy cat lady AND a professional wrestling fan.  I have had great life experiences because of both these interests.  I also try to be upbeat, because it is always better to look on the upside.

V is for valuable.  I have many valuable attributes – my love for my family, my friends – and my absolute concern for our patients.  W is for the WWE – as I’ve mentioned, wresting is very important to me and I’m very grateful years ago Michael convinced me to watch the broadcast that one evening.

And then there is X, Y and Z.  These were hard ones – some days I feel like my life has that X-factor, things are good – like wow!  I want to say Yay, Yippy and Yahoo!  I do wish for more days when I have more Zip and Zest – I get tired sometimes!

Now you know my ABCs…

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