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Anyone who knows me knows that I like to save money.  Also, anyone who knows me also knows that I like to buy a lot of products.  I have used many strategies over the years to acquire a large collection of all kinds of cosmetics.  I also have tips and ideas that will stretch products I have without having to buy more, and to repurpose certain items to use for things that they weren’t necessarily intended.

Did you know you can create lip gloss by mixing a bit of blush and some petroleum jelly?

To save money, research websites of the companies of brands that you often buy.  You may find coupons and special deals.

Go to Dollar Tree for your beauty basics.  They have great products that will come in handy and the best part – they’re only a dollar.

If you need concealer, you can mix your moisturizer with equal amounts of light blush or face powder.

When you decide it may be time for a treat, don’t do it before you check out sites like Yelp, Groupon and Local Flavor.  You can sometimes score a certificate that may get you up to 50% off on certain services.  Reading reviews from other customers can also help you decide if you do in fact want to spend any of your hard-earned money at these places.

If you once in a while like to use more high-end products, consider a monthly service like Ipsy.  You’ll get a bag sent to you each month with samples of products that may be too expensive to try on a whim.  Currently, the cost is $12 per month – I just started my subscription up again after being gone from the service for quite some time.  When I feel as though the items are no longer interesting me, I will cancel or suspend my account.  Your bag each month is personalized according to a survey you fill out indicating your likes.

Creamy baby oil can be used as a makeup remover.  It usually has such a nice smell, too.

If you’re like me and your roots seem to come in way too fast, you can use the basic hair color dye from Dollar Tree as a touch up.  If you don’t want to use that and you don’t have one of those touch up spray cans handy, eye makeup in a color similar to your hair will work nicely to cover grays.  This seems to work especially good with hair near your temples.

When you are in T.J. Maxx, Burlington or Ross, stop by their makeup/accessories section.  I have found very good deals on all kinds of makeup for what seems like a fraction of their regular retail prices.

If you find yourself without any blush, and you don’t want to be pale – you can put red or pink lipstick on your finger and apply it to your cheeks.  Just don’t overdo it or you will end up looking like a clown.  The key is to blend well.  Really well.

Hair conditioner can double as both a smoothing serum for your hair (put a very small bit in your hands, rub them together and tame your fly aways) and a shaving cream for your legs if you don’t have any of the traditional kind.

And there you have it – ways to save $$$ and still look good!

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