Being over 50 is good, and here is why…


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Some days it is hard for me to believe I’m as old as I am.  Yet again, there are other days that I feel much older.  This, I’ve been told is a normal part of aging.  I don’t like it.  Even though I get tired easier and don’t bounce back from things as easy as I used to, being this age does have advantages.

I can listen to the type of music I like and not be embarrassed.  If people are judging, my choices can be attributed more to my age than to my lack of true musical knowledge.  I was a very big fan of the 70s Boy Band, the Bay City Rollers.  As much as I liked and still like them, I can maybe see why people would smile when they hear that group’s name.  My other favorite group is the Bee Gees, and I just know no one would dare to put them down.  At least not in my presence!

A perk of being this age is – no more periods!  What a pleasure it is to not have to worry about that monthly visit, as they say.  I only wish that I could say I will have no more hot flashes.  Despite me being done with menopause (thank you, God) I still get sweating hot from time to time, randomly.  It’s like a little spark is still inside of me, igniting at will.  Ugh!

Being my age, I feel I can offer advice in a respectful way.  I would never try to demean anyone just because they are younger.  I never want to come off as an old fool.  I also never want to appear to be a know-it-all.  Know-it-alls really bug me.

At this age, you can get to know your children in a whole new way.  You knew them growing up, as babies, toddlers, teenagers and young adults.  It is wonderful enjoying your own children and their spouses, and seeing how they turned into adults.  It is a heartwarming feeling, and the pride you can feel is just wonderful.

Speaking of your children, at this age it could be time to enjoy their children – your future grandchildren.  I cannot imagine the joy of watching my own children become parents.  I am looking forward to that time very much.  I already love seeing them as pet parents!

I know I am not perfect, and I have never claimed to be.  I am at a point in my life where my appearance is important, but it is not the most important thing.  I want to look good, within reason.  I know I will never look 25 again, and that is ok.  Despite being a little slower and not having much energy (except self-directed when it’s something I really want to do), I am relatively healthy.  And for that I am thankful.

Women over 50 have reached a point when they stop apologizing for who and what they are.  I am lucky in that I have always been fairly self-assured.  I am who I am, no one else is like me.  I have never apologized for who I am, and I never will.  I am a thrift store shopping, cat loving, professional wrestling and hockey fan – never ashamed, always proud!

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