My Three Sons – One Proud Mama

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It’s been a while since I’ve written about my three sons.  I am so incredibly proud of them.  I am happy, thankful and grateful that I am lucky enough to be their Mom.  I see so many mothers bragging about their children on Facebook, and on all social media.  These children are usually young, or at least they still live at home.  I don’t post too much about them online, due to the fact that they are adults – adults who many not always want to see their Mom brag and boast.  Rest assured, Moms of older children are just as proud as those Moms of babies and little ones!

Michael was our first baby.  He shares his birthday with an infamous date in history – he was born on September 11, but in the year 1988.  He turned thirteen years old on that horrible day.  Michael was always an easy baby.  So easy in fact that this was the reason we tried to have another baby so quickly (and Kevin was born not even twenty-two months later).  He was easy to please, and always (usually) had a smile on his face.  Reading came naturally to Michael.  We never had to “teach” him to read – it’s like he just picked it up on his own.  Growing up, he was a fan of Sesame Street, Thomas the Tank Engine and Barney, but once he discovered the Power Rangers, that was it!  They were his favorites!  He takes his role as Big Brother very seriously.  Michael was a good student, and in Second Grade he won all FOUR Spelling Bees!  An interest he picked up around the time he turned eleven was professional wrestling.  He loves it to this very day.  He was also an easy teenager, who has worked consistently from the time he turned sixteen years old.  He has an amazing work ethic.  Michael earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education last May while working Full Time.  Now all he needs is a full time teaching position – we are all waiting for this Pandemic aftermath to be done so he can get hired.  Right before Corona came to be, Michael proposed to Alex.  She’s a great girl who actually works face to face and hand to hand with Covid patients. They have one cat named Daphne.  We are very happy for both of them, and look forward to watching their future unfold.


Kevin was born on an absolutely beautiful day in July of 1990.  I carried him way differently than I did Michael, so we were sure we were having a girl.  Obviously, we didn’t but that was more than ok.  He was a happy baby, a happy toddler, a happy youngster, a happy teenager and he’s now a happy man.  He always had a smile on his face, and he and Michael were very close growing up.  So close in fact that even though we had a four-bedroom house, the two of them shared a room.  Every morning we would find Kevin in Michael’s bed, so we gave up and combined their rooms.  Kevin had many ear infections before he turned 18 months old, and some doctors think these illnesses could have caused his stutter.  He has stuttered since he could talk.  It has never held him back, and these days we barely notice it.  I remember one day when he was about eleven years old.  He was crying and said no one would ever love him or want to marry him.  I told him that was nonsense.  I told him the right girl would find his stutter adorable.  And she did, and does.  Kevin has been married to his wonderful wife Amanda since September of 2018.  They are homeowners, and parents to six cats and two rabbits (their names are Thor, Delilah, Mango, Tango, Target, Twix, Arthas and Charlie…Whew!)  I could not be more proud of them, and I love them very much.


Chris came into the world on September 1, 1995.  He was a big baby, who probably would have been even bigger had he been born on time – he was three weeks early.  We found out in advance that we were having a boy, and we were thrilled.  He was an easy baby who liked football from the first day he came home from the hospital – I found myself alone with him.  Everyone was busy doing something.  He was fussy so I put him in his baby swing, right in front of the television.  He sat mesmerized at the football players going back and forth on the screen.  Chris learned to do things fast – he tied his shoes early, he could even tie a tie at a very young age.  He’s a go getter who got his first job at the age of 14.  He graduated from Temple University in February of 2018.  Another notable milestone for Chris happened just before he turned 16.  He met and started dating Bre.  They have been together ever since, and they both turn 25 this year.  They got engaged last summer and will be getting married this November.  Bre (like Alex) is a Registered Nurse and is also working closely with Covid-19 patients.  We are very proud of them both.  They have one cat, Offred and one dog, Elway.  A nice, happy family!


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