Some Good Things Just May Have Come From Covid-19…

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…well, I don’t really mean GOOD, obviously.  This pandemic has been disastrous in every way there is.  Yet, if we continue to think about all the death, hurt, damage and sadness – it would not be wise.  What do they say, you should always look for the silver lining?  I think that is a very good idea – focus on the good, and try to ignore the bad (though, with this situation it is very hard to do).

We will all be so thankful when we can see our loved ones again.  So many families have been separated – for far too long.  Everyone did what they had to do in the name of safety and health.  My family and I had a sort-of reunion when we got together to celebrate my oldest son’s engagement.  Michael’s fiancée and my youngest son Chris’ fiancée are both RN’s dealing with Corona patients directly, on a daily basis.  Once the end of May came around, both girls thought it would be perfectly fine for us to all get together.  We did, and it was a wonderful, happy time.  It was made even more sweet by the fact that we had all really missed one another and were even happier to finally all be together again.

A good thing that came out of this situation was the fact that many professions are being recognized and honored.  Nurses, doctors and ALL healthcare workers are being hailed as heroes.  None of us who work in this “industry” want to be considered heroes, because this is just regular people, doing their regular jobs.  The caring they show is beyond ordinary – it has been extraordinary.  It is also nice seeing grocery personnel, fast food workers, gas station attendants and utility workers getting praised.

We are lucky that during this time we’ve had just that – time.  Those who haven’t been able to work or those who’ve had their schedules reduced have been able to reconnect with their home, families and routine in a more relaxed way.  There haven’t been as many “rushing here” and “hurrying there” things to do.  People have been forced to take it easy.  That is a good thing.  Everyday life, routine life – it is many times a rushed existence.  For now it’s been nice to have that laid-back approach and attitude.

Being home has made people more productive.  Who knows if it is because people are bored, or because with being home – they notice their surroundings need things to be done.  De-cluttering your surroundings can have a calming and relaxing effect on people.  Regular daily life is easier to live when your things are where you can find them.  Like the saying goes, a place for everything and everything in it’s place.  For a thrift store shopper like me, when the stores finally all open up – there will be amazing shopping, because of all the people at home, cleaning, organizing and purging.  It will be a great time to be a thrift store shopper!

There has been a lot of togetherness.  This is great for the families who live together – they can reconnect and (hopefully) realize what they mean to each other.  This quarantine and stay at home order has been a double edge sword, as we all know.  Missing your family members and friends is hard.  Very hard.  One good thing with this is that communication has increased.  There have been more texts, more phone calls, more video calls than there would have been before.  Hopefully when this is over, and we go back to whatever ends up being our new normal that people will keep up their connections.  I think we have learned to not take one another for granted.

An obvious good point of this whole Corona/Covid pandemic is increased cleanliness.  We are now more aware of what is sanitary, and what isn’t – and what we need to do to protect ourselves and others.  There is not enough known about the transmission of the virus for us to be anything less than as careful as possible.  We cannot let our guard down.

It would have been so much better if none of the last few months had happened.  We have to focus on what we have learned, and to also focus on what is to come.

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