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In my last post, I wrote about traveling.  In this post, I am going to write about my hometown.  I was born and raised in the borough of Queens in New York City.  Throughout my married life while raising children we were lucky to live in the beautiful areas of Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Castle Rock, Colorado (which was midway between the cities of Denver and Colorado Springs) and suburban Philadelphia in Jamison, Pennsylvania.  In 2009, we moved to the area of Northeastern Pennsylvania and in 2014 I began living full-time in Scranton.

I have had many good times in Scranton.  In Scranton, I have met some of the best people I have ever known.  For the time I lived in Florida, when I felt homesick – I missed Scranton.  It was during these times that I realized that Scranton IS my home.  Make no mistake – Scranton is not perfect.  They have some of the worst roads around.  The weather at times can be less than perfect, and at times it can be downright depressing.  I can’t say there is a lot of crime here, yet it is not a crime free area.  But, choosing to live here – I do honestly see more good than bad.  And my hometown is known for a lot of things.  Let me share them with you now.

Scranton is the sixth largest city in Pennsylvania.  Our population is just under seventy-seven thousand residents.

Scranton’s original name was Slocum Hollow.

Our nickname is The Electric City.  That nickname was given to us when street cars debuted here in 1886 that were powered only by electric.

In Scranton’s heyday, the main industries were coal mining and railroads.

The largest vein of anthracite coal in the world is under Lackawanna County.  Scranton was once called “The Anthracite Capital of the World.”

Scranton is the county seat of Lackawanna County.

Scranton is home to thirty-four properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places.

There is a federal courthouse located in Scranton.  It is the William J. Nealon Federal Courthouse.

Paige Cognetti was recently elected as Mayor – she is the city’s first Progressive Independent Mayor.

The television show The Office was set in Scranton.  It won many Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.  WBRE, Poor Richard’s Pub and Steamtown Mall are in fact real places.

Scranton is well known for our annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.  It is one of the largest parades in the nation.  Many times there have been over one hundred and fifty thousand attendees.

Since the 1970s Scranton has hosed LaFesta Italiana, a three-day Italian festival that takes place on Labor Day weekend on Courthouse Square.  It is complete with delicious Italian food, pastries, music and entertainment.

Scranton has the Houdini Museum.  Houdini appeared in Scranton many times and did several special challenges here.  The museum features memorabilia, artifacts, mannequins, films and even a Magic Show.

And there you have some highlights of my hometown…




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