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This is a post that does not match up with anything, for any reason.  We have all been home, self isolated or self quarantined.  If by requirement or by choice, home is where we stay.  And being home, thinking, wondering…what in the world are we doing?  What are we keeping ourselves occupied by?

By the orders of two of my doctors, I have been at home.  It has been a full three weeks now, plus a day or two.  I share with you right now the things I have done to keep me straight, on the road to where I ought to be.

I have organized our kitchen.  I went through the cabinets and made a mental list of all the things we have, and all the things we need (we are thankfully pretty well stocked).  While going through all of it, I have thought of meals that could be combined.  As I’m tired of the same old same old, kind of food rut, I have tried putting different combinations together.  Being home and having the internet immediately at my fingertips has given me instant ideas.  I just google the item (for example, kielbasa, canned peaches or ground sausage) and read through the recipes and suggestions.  I have come up with quite a few new meals, sides and desserts to try.

Clothes.  Those who know me know that I have a lot.  And I do mean a lot.  It really is time to downsize and get rid of things.  It is truly an overwhelming job because there is just so much!  What has been working for me recently (it is a work-in-progress) is to put things together in groups.  I am lucky enough to have one of our three bedrooms to use as a walk-in closet room.  There are clothing racks all around the perimeter of the room and two down the center.  As I have clothes in the attic from when I lived in Florida (and some from the last time I lived in PA) this seems never ending.  I have been putting all the short sleeves together, all the long sleeves, all the dresses, all the jeans, all the leggings.  And then I further group them together in colors.  When I was going through boxes randomly, I found it hard to remember what exactly I had (and if I needed to keep it or if I really should get rid of it).  It is now easy to see that I have a lot of black short sleeve shirts, for example.  And while I will never be a minimalist, I do realize that there is a limit that I really need to adhere to.  Doing it this way has really helped me.  Once I am done with clothing, I will do the same process with shoes and purses – yes, I have a lot of those, too.

Jeff and I have been painting.  We painted our kitchen and dining room so far.  It is amazing what a coat of paint can do.  This weekend we will work on the living room, and on all the little areas that we may have missed and need to touch up.  We have three mirrors in the living room that just shout 1980’s when you see them.  My plan for this weekend is also to paint the edges.  Right now they are gold, and by the time this weekend will be over, they will be black.  My desk is in the living room, and so are two file cabinets – which are black and silver.  I may even attempt to paint our coffee table, end table and TV stand.  They are all dark brown, which looks close enough – but they have nicks and scratches that I am sure a coat of black paint will help.  The well-worn yet comfortable couch and love seat will stay awhile – or at least until this crisis is over and we get out to shop and see if we find anything reasonable that we like.  And then the drama and hard work of getting the cats to stop scratching will begin.

I love to do crafts.  For Christmas this past year, I made all of the animals in our family treat jars, which were various sizes of glass jars painted in colors to match the kitchens of the pet parents (or even in team colors in one case).  I use spray paint, those little bottles of acrylic craft paint and, more recently, chalk paint.  Chalk paint is a great product.  It doesn’t require much preparation to the piece you’re working on.  And chalk paint is very forgiving.  A chalk paint project I am working on now is a small wooden chair, the size that would be suitable for a small child.  I took this chair which was a light oak color and painted it white.  Three coats of white chalk paint look really nice on it.  Wax goes on soon, and then it will be buffed.  The back of the chair has rungs or wooden slats.  Currently they are white, but once we find out a grandchild is on the way (or one arrives) I will paint those slats either pink or blue.  It is going to be a family child’s chair – one that will go to each grandchild as he or she is born.  It may not be anything fancy, but I am excited about making my own little hand-me-down to our future grandchildren.  The rungs will get changed before giving the chair to the next boy or girl we have.
While home, I am also taking advantage of taking it easy.  I wouldn’t be at home if the doctors didn’t think I needed to be.  In addition to going out only when necessary (and with gloves and a mask) I have been resting as much as possible.  I am using this time to relax as well.  I am watching a lot of my favorite daytime television programming, and while doing so I am laying on the couch.  If one of the cats decides they want to jump up and lay with me, I’ll cuddle with him or her.  And if we both fall asleep, that’s ok.  I’m not always going to have this opportunity to relax whenever I want, at will.  I’m enjoying being at home.  I am very happy being in my own little world with my little family.  Though every once in a while, the reality of why I am here squeaks back in.
I worry about my family and friends, and everyone else out there.  I hope we all stay healthy.  That goes without saying.  And I wonder when things will ever go back to what our new normal will be.  Everyone, please – do the right thing.  Stay home, stay isolated, and if you have to go out, follow the guidelines and recommendations.  No panic, just common sense.  We will get through this.


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