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…we have to be prepared, and we should be.  Prepared.  Not overly prepared and not under prepared.  Given the current uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation, it is wise and necessary to do what is right so we all get through this in the easiest way possible.

You should stock up on things that you and your family normally like to eat.  I believe (and feel most comfortable) in having adequate quantities of things that I deem necessary.  Since I have always have enough food (frozen, refrigerated and pantry) on hand anyway, during the very few grocery runs we’ve done I have bought minimal items.  For example, I took one jar of spaghetti sauce and a box of spaghetti.  When we went down the canned vegetable aisle, I took maybe three or four cans – peas and carrots, spinach, corn and some chili beans.  I bought two frozen portions of ground turkey – brought it home, fried it and froze in three portion sizes for meals.  Jeff works for, so we usually get the cats food from them.  Just the same, when we were in the store I took 4 or 5 cans of wet food and a bag of the dry food that they eat.  We walked through the paper goods aisle, and surprisingly they had toilet paper and paper towels.  We took one package of each.  The goal is to be prepared but to not hoard, leaving nothing for others.  It is time to be kind and to think of other people besides ourselves.

It might be a good idea to contact your doctor for any prescription medications that you take.  The recommended supply to have on hand is thirty days, but it might be possible during these times to get your physician to write an exception limit to your medications.  And if your insurance company offers mail order, now is a really good time to begin using this service if you haven’t already been.

Speaking of your doctor, contact the office and see if they can (electronically) send you your health records.  This might not be possible if their office is running with a skeleton crew.  If nothing else, make a detailed list of all the medications you take on a regular basis.  Follow these guidelines and see if your Veterinarian can help you with records as well.  Natasha ended up with a very nasty case of worms on Thursday, and though the office was open, they were seeing emergency patients only.  They were good enough to prescribed her deworming medication over the phone (after me weighing myself holding her, then not holding her – to get an fairly adequate weight).  I was able to drive to the Vet’s office and pick up the medication through the drive-thru window I didn’t realize they had.

Go through all of your health care medicines – tylenol, etc. – and first aid supplies.  Again, I usually have an adequate supply of these things on hand.  It would be a good idea to get a decent thermometer – I was suffering from a fever towards the beginning of last week, and it truly is primitive to take your temperature with one of those old fashioned, mercury-filled thermometers.  It takes a lot of wrist action to wind it back down after use, and let me tell you – trying to read the numbers and tiny dashes is no easy feat.

I have always treated myself good in terms of having things I like to eat and drink around the house.  We enjoy coffee in the morning.  Since I’ve been plagued recently by kidney issues, I have had to eliminate tea for the most part.  I’ve been drinking water, but I like to make it flavored with Crystal Light type drink mix (I make it half strength).  I enjoy beer, so that is always here in the refrigerator.  And don’t forget your comfort foods and snacks – get chocolate, candy, ice cream and chips (in reasonable amounts).  Of course when I’m saying get these things, make sure you pick them up on your hopefully infrequent shopping trips.

Take care of your mind and yourself during this time.  Give yourself a break.  Do what you enjoy around the house.  Watch whatever you like on television.  Scroll all the silly things you enjoy on the internet.  Virtually you can stay connected with your loved ones.  Try to make the best of things.  Be informed – watch the news, but take a break from it every now and again.  These are the times to do what you normally might feel is wasteful, silly or non-productive.  I never need an excuse to snuggle with the cats.  If I sit down to watch television and one of them jumps up to sit with me, I eat that up and I indulge us both with cuddle time.

We are all going to get through this.  Hopefully it will end sooner rather than later.  If we are prepared, the cross we have to bear might be a bit lighter to carry.

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