Small Tips for Large Savings…

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I have so many things I want to do!  So many places I want to travel to!  In order to do these things, I’m going to need money.  I’m pretty frugal, so I have no doubt I’ll be able to pull off most of the things I want.  Even so, I’m always on the lookout for more ideas and different tips to help me out.  Sometimes a little goes a long way.

To keep yourself busy while saving for something you really want, do a google search of “free things to do in (insert your town here)” and see what comes up.  Looking at results of a search for things here in my hometown, I found several parks, museums and libraries that all have interesting and fun things to do – things I didn’t realize that these places even offered.  The list included activities that had minimal costs as well.  You really can have a good time without spending a whole lot.

Drink water – but don’t buy it.  Refilling your own containers is not only cost effective, it is good for the environment.  There is really no better liquid in the world for you to drink, and the fact that we all have access to it at no cost makes it all the better.

Stop using your dryer – especially for items that could be considered gentle or delicate.  It will save electricity and/or gas, and it will be better for your garments.  For t-shirts with screened prints, I have found that washing them inside out in cold water, and then hanging them to dry on a hanger really extends their lives.

Go through all of your subscriptions – all of the things you pay money for monthy.  Maybe these are things that are mindlessly deducted from your bank account.  Once you have a complete list in front of you, decide what you really want to keep spending money on – and cancel the rest.  Of course, research whether there will be a fee or not before deciding.

Regularly schedule no-spend days or no-spend weeks – this is a time when you spend NOTHING except what is absolutely essential.  Be honest with yourself during this challenge – only you know what is truly necessary.

Reevaluate your entertaining budget.  You don’t have to cut out entertaining entirely.  Maybe you should scale down how you entertain.  Instead of offering several snacks before hand, offer one or two.  Offer soda and beer, or soda, beer and wine – it is not necessary to put out a full bar set up complete with mixers.  Make your main meal (if this is a kind of event where you’ll have one) one main dish, and one side to go along (if needed).   For dessert, it’s the same way – simple is the way to go.  You can have one main dessert, and an additional tray of cookies.  The most important aspect of entertaining is being with people you want to be around – if they’re judging you on the things you serve, maybe they shouldn’t be coming over in the first place.

Travelling by car is without a doubt more cost effective than a bunch of people getting on a plane and paying those high flight fees.  But do the math – one person driving a long distance (which means only one person paying for gas) might not be cost effective.  In this situation, check out flights and do the math.

Unless you are absolutely and totally desperate, do not ever buy an item that is not on sale.

Tuesday.  Some say it is the most boring  day of the week.  And yet some others say it is the best day of the week to get special deals.  It has been said that you can book the best flight special on a Tuesday.  Many restaurants run specials on Tuesdays.  Movie theaters sometimes have special deals on a Tuesday.  It’s time to give Tuesday the respect it deserves, and a thank you for saving us some money as well.

If you like a particular product, go to the website for it – or to the website of their parent company.  You can frequently find discounts, deals and coupons there.  Why not save money on something you’re going to buy anyway?

What other money saving tips have you used recently?  Always on the lookout for good ones..


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