Not the last, but the first…

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We were talking about driving the other day at work.  The topic turned to the last time we had all driven in really bad weather.  I remembered thinking as we spoke about the first time I drove in a bad snowstorm.  It was much more scary at first.  That got me thinking of a few more firsts that I’ve had.  It was fun remembering them.

I don’t remember who I had my first real crush on, as in a boy I knew – but I did have celebrity crushes when I was young.  I liked Don Adams who played Maxwell Smart on Get Smart – I even insisted on naming our cat Max.  I also had a crush on some host from the game show Supermarket Sweep.  He was appearing at a store near my Grandmother’s house, and I remember chickening out on going to see him.  I was nervous back then – I am very much NOT nervous around famous people anymore!

The first trip I ever went away alone to was on a plane to visit a high school friend who had moved to Florida.  I felt like a big shot – I was just about to turn seventeen, and while it wasn’t the first time I flew, it was the first time I remembered it.  I flew frequently with my mother when I was a toddler.  My grandparents lived in Florida at the time.

The first trip I ever took to another country was a summer vacation with my family to Niagara Falls.  We spent time there, and even drove to Toronto and saw the Hockey Hall of Fame.  It was a great time, a special trip that my sister and I remember with great fondness.

The first pet I ever remember owning was the one I spoke about above – Max.  Our landlord at the time had a cat who gave birth to a few kittens, and she said I could take one as a birthday gift.  My mother said there were three or four beautiful white ones but I insisted on the tabby in the back.  He was the absolute best choice.

My first sporting event was (of course) a hockey game.  I guess I didn’t ask my Dad – I just assumed there would be play by play announcers, giving us details.  Imagine my surprise as we sat there, watching the game – yet only listening to the other fans.  I remember feeling shocked.

I went to see David Cassidy in concert – it was the first one I ever attended.  I was young, maybe seven years old or so.  My mother said I seemed jealous that so many other girls loved him too.  It was as if I thought it was me and him alone forever.

My first job was as a Cashier at a Supermarket, and I can remember the first paycheck I ever received – $39.93.  As a sixteen year old, I thought I was rich!

The first car I ever owned was one my then-boyfriend (later ex-husband) and I bought.  We got it from an elderly neighbor of mine.  It was a 1976 Pontiac Ventura, and it was manila-folder yellow.  I think quite possibly it was the ugliest car of all time.  I believe this.

Growing up, I had a very happy life.  The first time though that I ever remember feeling  absolute joy was the afternoon of May 24, 1980.  This was the day that the New York Islanders won their first Stanley Cup.  They won it in dramatic fashion – they won in overtime, and it was simply amazing!  It is a feeling I am so glad I was able to experience.

In contrast, I remember feeling terribly sad when my Grandmother died.  It was 1975, and I was twelve.  We were very close, and her passing surprised a lot of people.  I missed her very much, but what made me the saddest was later on during that first night, with all the hustle and bustle of people being there – I looked over to see my father sitting in a chair, head in his hands.  Crying softly.  It was heartbreaking.

My first health scare was when I was pregnant with Michael.  Things were going very good, and then all of a sudden – I started bleeding.  I was only in my seventh month. The doctor didn’t know why this happened.  He said there was no real reason.  I was put on bed rest and told not to do much of anything.  I didn’t – I absolutely complied.  It worked, because Michael was born pretty much on time and was perfectly healthy.  It was frightening.

So, what other firsts come to your mind?  Please, share them – this is a good conversation starter…

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