Thoughts on the Corona Virus

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The Corona Virus is all the rage.  If you’re not careful, you can get very carried away with all the hype and information that is being presented.  We would all be wise to be prepared and aware, but not crazed.  Here are a few guidelines to follow and recommendations to look into…

Be aware of where germs can grow.  They can be found on money, ATMs, touch screens, utensils at buffet type restaurants, gas pump handles, shopping carts, office phones, office keyboards.  Have supplies available to properly sanitize your hands after coming in contact with these surfaces. You can make your own hand sanitizer by mixing 2/3 cup of isopropyl alcohol with 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel, and to make it smell nicer feel free to add 8-10 drops of scented oil.

Do not hoard items. If you do want to prepare (though some people say “over prepare”) an appropriate time period would be to have supplies for about two weeks.  This simply means having in your possession the items to sustain you and your family for this time period.  Take advantage of freezing items.  Have a supply of canned goods that your loved ones enjoy.  Start bottling your own water – in reusable bottles and containers.  You will need an adequate amount of paper goods, not an excessive amount.  Be reasonable.

It is not time to be in large crowds unless you need to be.  Do not become a hermit, but do not take excessive risks.  When you are in a crowd, stay away (if you can) from people who are exhibiting obvious signs of being sick.  If you yourself feel the need to sneeze or cough, properly protect others from what you might (or might not) have.

As an employee, do not go to work if you are sick.  Also, do not take advantage, staying home and saying you are “sick.”  As an employer, do the responsible thing and tell employees who say they are ill to stay home – and do not have repercussions against employees who don’t show up for work.  Employers and employees need to be both responsible and honest.

Keep your hands off of your face.  The more your hands are where they don’t need to be and then are on your face, the more germs of any kind you’ll get on you – and not just those that can cause the Corona virus.

Do not be lulled into thinking you’re protected if you wear a mask.  You won’t be.  The proper mask to protect people against this Virus is the N95 mask.  This mask needs to be properly fitted to your face by a professional.  Regular citizens should not be ordering these, reducing supply.  These items need to be worn by the people on the front lines against this Virus – medical professionals.

Be diligent and careful when using chemicals, etc. to sanitize your home and items.  Improper ventilation with these cleaners can potentially damage the mucous membranes in your nose, making you more vulnerable to irritation and infection.

Most importantly, wash your hands often and properly.  We have been taught this for our entire lives; it seems kind of ridiculous that this advice needs to be in the forefront now.  Officials have said to wash your hands with soap and water while (maybe silently) singing “Happy Birthday” two times.  This small recommendation is our best defense against many illnesses – not just the Corona Virus.


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