Thankful, and grateful…

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I’ve been away awhile – I think some posts may have auto-posted, but for the most part – I have been out of commission for the last month or so.  I went in for kidney stone surgery, which went very well.  Fast forward a few days when I was then readmitted to the hospital for “gross hematuria” which, basically is…massive blood loss.  It was scary, and I am not a patient who gets frightened easily – but this, it spooked me.  And facing what-I-thought-could-be-my-own- mortality, I did a lot of thinking.  A lot.

I was hospitalized in the hospital that I work at, and/or in – it was wonderful.  The staff is beyond caring – I knew this.  They took care of me beautifully, almost like I was royalty.  I felt loved and cared for and knew I was in the absolute right place that I needed to be. I was released and then readmitted 4 1/2 days later.  This was something Jeff and I never thought would happen, mostly because I was healing good – with no problems.  My home health nurse guided me back to the hospital, and I stayed there for almost six more days.  But this time, when I left – I was done.  I was good, and healed.  And on my way to recovery.

All during this ordeal, the cruise we’d had planned for over a year was weighing on my mind.  At some point, I checked with the doctor and he said he didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t go on our cruise – but we needed to proceed with caution.  After staying for observation, antibiotics through an IV, a blood transfusion and an iron infusion – I was given the go ahead to go, to leave – we were going to be cruising!  My son and daughter in law drove over two hours to get me home and settle me in – they love me so much, and I love them.  A week later, we were all on our way – out of Baltimore, onto the Bahamas!

The cruise was wonderful – the perfect combination of rest, and fun.  We had a group of ten – it was me, Jeff and Ellie in our room – we had a Three’s Company theme!  My sister, John and my nephew Dan were across the hall, and Amanda and Kevin (my children) were down the hall.  My ex-husband and his girlfriend were a few floors up from us.  We all did our “thing” during the day for the most part, and we all met for dinner – we had the late session, at 8:15.  Once dinner was done, we all did activities together – whether it was a show, an interactive game, attending a comedy performance or just hanging out in the Night Club (which once it got a bit too “young” for us, we’d just leave!)  I am truly thankful and so very grateful I was able to be there.  I don’t get religious too much, but in this instance – God was good.

I am thankful that I have recovered from complications I never thought I would have.  I am grateful to all of the staff at Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton, PA for taking care of me, and making me well.  I am thankful that I have the family I do – that after the hurting of years ago, we’ve all gotten past it and we’re good – it’s not the family dynamic we thought we’d have, but it is what it is.  I’m proud that the Ex and I have handled things like adults and we’ve remained friendly – the kids are happy about that, they see it.  It’s the right thing to do, and the right way to be.

Life is good right now.  And judging from recent events, there’s no reason to think that things won’t continue right down this highway line!

Love my family, love my friends.  Without a doubt 🙂


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