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I’ve been wondering a lot of odd things lately.  I don’t even know why these questions have run through my head, yet they have.  It’s random thoughts through a distracted mind.

Why do people always look up towards the floors an elevator is going to and coming from?  No one looks at each other, nor do they look down.  Everyone always seems to be looking up.

I tense up when I’m driving in bad weather, as if having stiff muscles is going to help me navigate rain, snow or ice.  It makes absolutely no sense, yet I do it all the time.

Why do people drive extra slow in a parking garage, as if driving like a snail will automatically make a good spot appear?

I always turn down the radio’s volume when I am feeling I’m about to be lost.  I’m not the only one who does this.  Why?

In my kitchen cabinets and in the refrigerator, I have to have the bottles, boxes and cans neatly arranged, and the labels always have to be facing front.  When I have a plastic bag secured by a clip tie, I always trim the plastic so it’s even and not all jagged.

Why does a great comeback come way later to a response you wish you’d given hours earlier?

I always arrange the bills in my wallet in worth order – 20s, 10s, 5s and then ones.  I don’t go as far as to arrange them by their serial numbers though.

Why do we smile awkwardly when we know we should be saying something and standing up for ourselves?

I check my flat iron a lot before I leave to go anywhere – even though I know I’ve unplugged it.

If I’m going out later on, and I’m taking a shower first – I never put my going out clothes right on.  I put on clean pajamas.

I hate it when a drawstring or hoodie string is uneven.

My son used to have two twin beds in his room, in case he had a sleep over.  When no one was there, he would always sleep in the bed furthest away from the door.  The reason?  So it would be harder for a bad guy to get him.  Seriously, Chris – you were only about two feet more safe.

I hate being “carded” when I’m buying beer.  It is obvious I am, well let’s just say…old enough.

I will shake the cats’ dry food around in their bowls to make it look evenly distributed.

So there I said it.  Odd, just weird.  Both me and others.  What weird quirks do you have?


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58 year old Mom with three great sons, and SIX great cats and their wonderful Dad, Jeff... LISA is my name. Life Is Smashing Always comes from the letters in my name...

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