Merry Christmas…

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..and Happy Holidays!  What a wonderful time of year.  And a stressful and tiring time of year, too.  We wouldn’t have it any other way though, right?  I say that now, but each and every night after work was spent doing Christmas-related things from November until yesterday afternoon.  All the hard work put in made the holiday great, but honestly – it will be nice to come home from work now and not HAVE to do something because an absolute time deadline was approaching.

Yesterday was our family’s Christmas get together.  As the boys have grown and gotten married and engaged (and have full time jobs in industries that don’t chiefly operate on a Monday-Friday nine to five schedule), it’s harder and harder to make the day and date decided on work for all of us.  Luckily, yesterday worked out for everyone.  We have certainly come full circle in our family.  When the ex and I separated in 2014, we never let our issues affect the kids and our Christmas traditions.  We have spent every holiday together since then.  It’s worked out very well for all of us.  Our get togethers have included the ex’s girlfriend Lorraine, and for the past two Christmases we’ve also been lucky enough to have Jeff with us.  Things changed as well, and we’ve come to include my sister, her boyfriend and her son.  It truly was a family Christmas.  Hosted by my youngest son and his fiancé, they did a wonderful job and a good time was had by all.

I’m so thankful for my family.  We are all very generous to each other.  Luckily none of us are really in need so the gifts were fun type presents.  Some were practical gifts that had a funny edge.  The kids Christmas stockings had things they enjoyed as little boys despite the fact that they are 31, 29 and 24.  Jeff and I went silly and got Bre and Chris a small wedding dress and tiny tuxedo along with a certificate – we are going to Build a Bear.  I never did that activity with the boys when they were little, so we’re going to do it now – and soon.  Between all the kids, my ex, and my sister (plus Christine and Keith who we will see on this coming weekend) I bought treats (and made gifts) for twenty three cats and three dogs – and that doesn’t even count our seven!

Jeff and I didn’t get each other all too much stuff – but we haven’t exchanged yet, so it remains to be seen how much we actually do have.  His gift to me was our recent long weekend away in Florida, which was wonderful.  I have made arrangements to go to Long Island to see my favorite hockey player’s number retired – finally!  We will have a February weekend away to celebrate this.  One of Jeff’s favorite baseball players is going to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this summer, so a July weekend away will be planned for this time as well.  I have so many things around our house that I really don’t need much.  What we want to do now is make memories, and not buy things.

I hope everyone had, is having and will continue having a Holiday time that makes you and your loved ones happy.  Merry.  Happy.  Celebrate!

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