It’s the little things…

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The holidays are quickly approaching.  Before you know it, we will all be sitting around the table enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.  And soon after that, Christmas will be upon us.  These are fun times, but they are also stressful times.  There is pressure to have the perfect dinner, to have your home decorated just so, to buy the presents that you know your loved ones will appreciate.  I really try to focus on small things to help me get through the tough times – like food that doesn’t turn out like you’d hoped, or the worry about finances and going over your intended budget.

Last night Ellie and I were out looking at cell phones.  Mine is in bad shape, and she was coming onto our Plan.  We decided pretty quickly about which one we wanted – we both got the same iPhone.  Sounds quick, easy, cut and dried, right?  Oh no, no such luck.  It was the most drawn out visit you could imagine.  It didn’t take me that long to buy my Chevy Spark back in 2016.  There were hardware issues, computer problems, freezing screens, you name it.  Finally after an hour and forty five minutes, we were done.  It was ridiculous.  The little thing that I focused on during this debacle was that we truly did have the nicest salesman ever.  He was funny, yet professional.  Apologetic for the delays yet not in a kiss-your-butt kind of way.  We had a lot of laughs with him.  He made a bad situation (almost) bearable.  After we finally got out of there, we went had dinner at a nice place.  Delicious wings and pizza, which was a great way to end the night.

As you know, we have seven cats.  Thankfully, their flea problem seems to be taken care of.  I am ninety-nine percent sure that this is true.  We have had a newer issue – one of them seems to have worms (gross, I know).  It is hard to figure out who is the infected one when you don’t see who deposits what into the litter box.  The guilty party had decided to pee outside of one of the boxes, and poop as well.  He or she did it no other place in the whole house except in this one spot.   We took Natasha and kept her overnight in our room.  I thought she was the one.  Turns out she was not, because in the morning when I came down – there was the usual “present” he or she left.  In the meanwhile, we gave all seven deworming medication – even though we didn’t think they were all affected.  The medication is fairly mild, thankfully.  Two weeks went by and the gifts that greeted me each morning were still coming.  And then, Monday morning – I guess I got up a little earlier, and put the television on.  I looked – nothing there, no wetness on the pads.  I was watching a few seconds of Dr. Phil when it happened – there went Stanley, into the spot – and he pooped (complete with worms).  I was upset I had to clean it up again, but the bright spot (i.e. the “little thing”) was that I no longer had to give medication to the cats who didn’t need it, and I knew who it was and could properly treat him.  A little victory, but a victory nonetheless.

I loved the Bee Gees, and I love the cover band the New York Bee Gees.  We saw them locally in the summer and we have tickets to see them in December with Christine and her husband.  Recently I had realized that a show they were having in Maryland wasn’t a show with a few acts – it was just them.  I had to find a way so we could go.  It was difficult since I had worked until after 11 pm the night before.  My boss arranged to have me make up my hours, but I had to do it at 6 am the next day.  I got out at noon.  I was exhausted in the car, the drive was over three hours long  and I would end up being exhausted the next day – but we were there!  We saw them, and they were incredible.  The hotel we stayed at was reasonably priced and very nice.  My focus was being happy we were able to attend, and the “little thing” of being tired seemed very minor.  I’m already looking forward to December!

WrestleMania 36 will be in Tampa next April.  Yes, there HAVE been thirty-five of them so far!  Today was the internet presale for tickets.  Ticketmaster on-sale days never really go smooth.  They implemented a new system which at first seemed to work well.  It wasn’t as good as it first appeared to be.  The site was freezing, and jumping – and when I thought I had tickets – I didn’t.  I thought we were going to be shut out and would have to brave the true horror of the regular sale on Friday.  We breathed a bit, took a break for awhile and tried again later on.  I was thrilled to eventually get a text from Christine saying she’d gotten our tickets!  Knowing we will be in the building again was worth the hassle, the worries and the bad words we were saying!  We ended up with what will basically be nosebleed seats – but we don’t care!  The little thing was knowing we won’t have good (or even decent) seats, but that is a minor detail.  She will be attending her fifteenth Mania and I’ll be at my sixteenth!  Roll on, April…

Sometimes it is hard to look on the bright side.  At times there doesn’t even seem to be one.  But there usually always is.  Attitude is everything.  Well, almost everything.  Focus on the good, try as much as you can to minimize and ignore the bad – and be thankful for all the good you’ve got…




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