Oh no, you didn’t…

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Yes, I did that.  But no, I didn’t do that other thing.  What?  Do you admit to some things and not others?  I’ve been thinking about this lately, as I’ve seen people doing odd things and behaving in ways that just makes me shake my head.  It got me to think of things I’ve done that I might not necessarily be proud of.  Oh, nothing major and nothing illegal – just…weird things.

So, here – in no special order or significance – is a list of things I’ve done (or not done) that some might consider “suspect” in one way or another…

Jeff and I bought two souvenir cups at a baseball game we went to.  As we finished the beers that came in them, we thought of how nice the cups were, and how we’d like more.  We just didn’t want to spend the extra money to get them – it cost a higher price to get these cups rather than just getting a regularly priced beer.  So…as the game was coming to an end, we looked around for people who had left their cups.  There were quite a few.  When the game was over, we casually walked past these left-behind cups and took two of them.  We brought all four home – by that point, we didn’t realize which ones were ours and which ones we’d taken.  All got washed in hot, sudsy water.  We now have a nice set of four matching commemorative cups.

I have ON OCCASION bought used underwear.  Now before you get all grossed and disgusted out, know that these supposed used articles looked brand new.  They actually looked as though they’d been in a package of several – that the original owner appeared to have not liked.  I got these items at a steal.  I don’t make a habit out of this, yet I can’t resist a bargain.  I would never purchase a garment like this that appeared to be used.  I wouldn’t buy ANY kind of garment that looked like it was previously owned.  My goal in thrift store shopping is to look good – not to look as though I’m wearing old junk.

We went out to a very nice diner for breakfast yesterday.  It was very nice, and it was expensive.  I didn’t want to appear greedy.  Our server brought us a basket of small muffins with butter and jelly – far too many for us to finish with the breakfast we ordered.  I knew I was entitled to a point to take the muffins home, so I did – along with the little jelly samples.  These little jellies will come in handy at work.  We sometimes have bagels of rolls – and having some jelly to add will make a nice addition.  Should I have taken them?  Maybe, or maybe not.  I decided to go for it and put them in my purse as we were leaving.

I was sitting in traffic for a long time the other afternoon, on my way to work.  I was getting impatient.  As I sat there waiting and watching cars coming at me from the oncoming direction, I realized that our light was only coming on for a left hand turn – and a regular, green, going straight light was only every fourth or fifth light change.  I was the first car waiting, when I had enough.  I made sure no one was coming – from any direction.  I went through the red light.  If I hadn’t, I bet I would still be sitting there now!  Well, not really.  I’m sure you get my point though.

Who in the world would serve something as messy as Loaded Nachos without a fork?  You’d have to be some sort of an animal to eat them with your hands, or fingers.  I was at WrestleMania when this happened.  I sat down in my seat and tried to make a fork/scoop/I don’t know what out of cardboard.  It wasn’t working.  A nice man and his son were sitting behind us, and he offered me a fork.  Either the man or his son had used it.  The Dad wiped it off with a napkin, and handed it to me with a smile.  I smiled back as I took it.  I shook my head, smiled back.  I wiped the fork myself, and used it – I dug right in to my nachos.  I know – using a stranger’s fork could be considered gross.  Somehow, at the time it didn’t seem that way.  This happened years ago – I am still alive today.  It didn’t kill me.

I once worked in an office building that had individual single bathrooms.  Each and every time I seemed to need to use the ladies room, they were occupied.  It never failed, it really didn’t.  Rather than waiting, and risking getting back to my desk past their “time limit” – this place was very, very regimented – I would use the men’s room.  You were in there alone anyway, I’d reason to myself.  What difference did it really make?

So…what things have YOU done that you may not be proud of, but aren’t really ashamed of?  Care to say?




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