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The other day I wrote about things that I didn’t like, things that made me mad and things that in general just aren’t good.  Today, I decided to write about things that I like and that make me happy.  I’m writing about things that make me smile.

I love seeing and hearing people give each other compliments.  I enjoy hearing nice things said to one another.  It’s such a nice feeling when you hear someone likes your shoes, thinks your hair looks nice that day or really enjoys the dessert you made.  It is also nice to see the smile on someone’s face as they receive a compliment for…whatever.  Just a few kind words can affect a person’s day in a really good way.

Holding a door open for someone and having them say thank you.  Such simple gestures, yet they mean so much.  Countless times I have held a door for someone and I got nothing for a response.  That is just so rude.  It makes me wonder how people were raised.  What kind of hard is it to just give a smile and a nod, as a bare basic acknowledgement?

I have met quite a few famous people in my life.  Most of them have been professional wrestlers and sports stars, and some were actors.  Meeting them and finding out that they are nice – to a point, nicer than they have to be – it is a gratifying experience.  It has always made me feel well rewarded by the fact that these individuals show class.  They have integrity and they know how to behave.  I am happy that my entertainment dollars went towards them.

Nothing gets a person (me) pumped up more than a comeback win by one of my favorite teams.  It is gratifying to watch a game when your team is clearly in control the entire time, but there is something special to be said for a comeback.  We had it both ways in one game last season.  The Lightning were up 5-0 by the time the third period started.  Before long, the hated (by me) Flyers had almost tied the game.  And then, boom – they did tie it.  We were going into overtime.  They played that entire session with no resolution.  After five minutes, we went into a shootout.  It came down to one of the last shots, but my Bolts ended up winning.  Talk about excitement!  What a game, and what an experience!

I always smile and have a good day when I know I look good.  I can of course have a good day no matter what I look like, but the feeling of confidence I get knowing I look put together – it makes me happy.  I take pride in how I look, yet sometimes people could possibly mistake me for a homeless person.  I always try to be coordinated with all of my colors looking like they belong together.  I match everything  – clothes, socks or stockings, shoes, purses and jewelry.  I always feel best when I’m matching, and usually I am.  Being made up with nice hair and makeup applied right, it gives me the confidence I feel more comfortable to conquer my day with.

A wonderful feeling is realizing (once again) that your children have grown up to be good people.  My sons are all amazing – they have done the right things their whole lives (with minor bumps in the road).  Their father and I are very proud, and every day we are reminded of how blessed we are to have had such easy and good boys to raise.  They are good young men with level heads and great work ethics.  They have caring hearts, happy dispositions and funny personalities.  I am beyond lucky to be their Mother.

My heart is warm and full when I am doing nothing, or nothing much of anything with the cats by my side.  I just love them.  I could be washing dishes, getting lunches ready for the following day and there they are, just hanging out with me.  Earlier today I was ironing clothes and three of the boys (Nik, Malenky and Boris) were there nearby, watching me intently.  In the late afternoon after work while catching up on the news, Beavis sits on my lap – watching too.  They drive me crazy, they are always under my feet and between the sheer number of them (seven) it is like an insane asylum at times – but they are my babies (actually, they are kittens, juniors and seniors) and I wouldn’t change a thing about any one of them.  They make me smile and laugh every day of my life.

Give some thoughts to what makes you smile, and keep thinking of those things…


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