What a PAIN!

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Today has been an annoying day.  I can’t even pinpoint one thing to make it so, but that’s what today has been like.  Irritating.  Aggravating.  You can even say it has been borderline maddening.  Combined with what has been happening today, I have started thinking about other pet peeves of mine.

I am annoyed by people driving slowly in the parking garage here at work.  It is as if driving like a snail will all of a sudden magically make a space appear.  News flash to these people – it doesn’t.

People who talk over you on the phone is super annoying.  It is hard to complete a conversation (or even a complete thought) because every other word or phrase starts and stops in little snippets.  When you decide to just be quiet and listen to their ramble, inevitably they stop – and make it sound as though you are the rude one.  No, you’re not.  It is them.

I enjoy all kinds of Social Media.  I don’t see many mistakes on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.  Facebook is another story though.  I find it hard to believe that people who are supposedly smart and/or educated put out posts that read like (less than) a grade school student wrote them.  I’m all for quick, brief updates.  Not everyone is going to post paragraph after paragraph.  Don’t these people read their words to see if they make sense and have things spelled right?  Especially those who don’t write much, it just boggles my mind.

My ex-husband and I raised three children.  Were they always good?  No, at home boy did they have their moments – as all kids do.  Were they always good in public?  I can honestly say this – yes, they were.  From a very young age, they learned how to behave properly in restaurants, and they also could ride in a carriage through a mall or sit in a shopping cart at the grocery store without taking a fit.  I have seen too many kids acting up – and you can just tell it wasn’t a one time meltdown.  These kids cry and complain and try to run around, and the parents are oblivious that it is bothering everyone around them, or they just don’t think their children are irritating.  Guess what?  They are.  Until your child can behave (and/or you can act like a responsible parent), please do the rest of us a favor.  Keep them home!

Know-it-alls are another irritation to me.  Why is it so important to some people to make it seem as though they know everything about everything?  No one can be so knowledgeable, yet some claim to be.  It is even more irritating to see someone try to tell you something about what you clearly know more about than them.  Depending on my mood, I will either humor them.  Or I will stare at them almost blankly, and then state the right comment.  They know right quick they’d been had.  It is a gratifying feeling when you take one of these folks down a peg.

I don’t like judgmental people.  Unless you are personally acquainted, none of us know the true story of anything.  People voicing their opinion on something they’re really only guessing about opens themselves up to looking like fools.  You don’t know where someone is coming from and where they are going.  Being so opinionated is really very wrong.  Of course we all have feelings about certain things, but if you don’t know – don’t say.  It’s not that hard.

In the public bathroom etiquette leaves a lot to be desired.  From leaving soap and water all over the counters, to throwing towels on the floor, to “sprinkling” on the seat and then not flushing (seriously, who does that?) it’s all just disgusting.  All of these behaviors must go hand in hand with those who don’t wash their hands after using the facilities.  Yuck.

I feel very offended when I read or hear supposedly religious people doing things that aren’t indicative of their faith.  God loves everyone – where does their hate speech come from?  Isn’t honesty a virtue?  Why is it ok for a supposed God-fearing person to perform acts on the job and not perform acts and then lie about it?  Being dishonest about work isn’t the right way to be.  How do these people reconcile their behaviors with God?  I would love an answer from them for that.

No one needs to be impeccably groomed.  Not everyone needs to look as though they stepped out of a band box (that was a favorite saying of my Mom).  I do think that being a part of society means the bare minimum a person should do is be reasonably clean and neat.  Lately I have come across people who are in desperate need of a shower, and a good, long teeth brushing.  I always wonder if these people can smell themselves, and why it doesn’t bother them.  It truly can be a nauseating smell.  From what I can tell, soap is pretty cheap.  And Dollar Tree sells deodorant.  It’s only $1.00.

I’m not a fan of sports fans making others feel as though their team is the only one that’s good and the only one that matters.  Good natured teasing and things like that are all fine, but when some of these fans get all full of themselves, it is very annoying.  Especially because a lot of the time it’s fans of teams who haven’t done much who are the biggest braggarts.  Keep your mouths shut.  Celebrate with your own kind, and if you’re with others – act like a decent person first, a fan of your team second.

I do not like hearing details of things that should be private.  People post things they shouldn’t on social media, or they’ll talk loudly out in public either in person to someone else, or they’re yelling into their phones.  It is not my business and I don’t want it made my business by me seeing or reading things.  Have the decency to keep private things the way they should be – private.

A lot of people have the pet peeve of others being late.  I’m trying to work on this, as I tend to be a late comer.  As annoying though is the person who shows up 45 minutes early.  Most people aren’t ready this much ahead of time, and the fact that they show up at your place is very rude.  You shouldn’t have to entertain someone when you’re trying to get ready.  Everyone should strive to be on time – not late, but not early either.

It is very annoying to send a text and wait for an answer. And wait.  And then wait some more.   What effort does it take if you’re busy to type “got your message, busy here. will text later.”  This way, the sender knows the message was received and the recipient cared enough to at least give a brief response.  And another thing about texting – please don’t type U for you and R for are.  Doing this is annoying, and besides – you’re only saving two letters using these abbreviations.

Open your mouth when you talk!  So many people over the phone get annoyed when you ask them a second or third time to repeat something.  Or they get annoyed and blame their accent.  No, it is not your accent – it is that you mumble!  Speak clearly and all of your conversations will be better.  I guarantee it.

There are more, but I’m getting annoyed thinking of them.  No, seriously – what are some things that just grind your gears?  I would love to know…


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