Flee, fleas!


ants on brown and green leaves
Photo by Heather Smith on Pexels.com

This is disgusting, I know…and it’s just (I think) ants.  For quite some time now, my cats have been plagued by fleas!  I hate them, and I think the cats do too.

The kittens that we took in after finding them in the basement were perfectly healthy and clean – bug free!  Many people remarked that this was unusual.  They remained clear until the end of July.  All of a sudden, we saw Lexi with a mark on her head.  We didn’t think too much about it until one of the little ones seemed to be cleaning and licking himself a bit too much.  It turns out he wasn’t cleaning – he was scratching.  Looking at all of them, we saw what I (sadly) knew was fleas.  When I lived with my sister, our cats got fleas two Fall seasons in a row.  All of them were indoor cats, as ours are now.

Although I cannot say for sure, I believe the fleas came from the shelter.  Malenky, Boris and Tasha were fixed at an animal rescue shelter near us.  It’s a great place – Nik and Lexi were adopted from there.  I dropped the littles off in the morning, along with others being brought in by other pet owners and rescuers.  There were a lot of cats in the waiting/holding room.  I think the fleas that our babies got came to them from the ferals there.  Of course, I cannot say for sure – but this is what I believe.  Other than knowing how they got them and not allowing it to happen again, it really doesn’t matter how.  It just needs to be taken care of.

Initially, we tried a laid-back remedy – we combed them, washed them with some kind of flea shampoo from Dollar Tree, and used a squeeze on medication (also from Dollar Tree).  They seemed better, and we felt confident the problem was done. Yeah, uh…not so much.  We then kicked it up another notch – all seven (yes, all of them) got combings, flea baths, and more combings.  Jeff’s shirt and my arms were victims, as cats don’t like bathing all too much.  This method lasted a week, and before you knew it, we were giving baths again – to all seven.  Combed, washed, dried…it didn’t work.

We went to a local “chain” pet store, breaking down – we bought the top-of-the-line, most expensive treatment for the four oldest (two seemed the worst of all).  For the babies, we got what I guess was one level down.  Combed, washed, dried – they were then medicated.  And all seemed right with the world.  For two weeks.  Laying with Nik on Sunday, watching my favorite murder-true crime shows, I noticed – they were back.  I hate fleas.

The Magnificent Seven have been treated, with combing, baths and more combing.  You can’t discount the appeal of love and hugs – they got these, too!  Everyone seems ok, for now – if these fleas have tried to (they will fail) overtake our family – watch out!  They stand no chance!  This weekend is it, the proper amount of time has passed so they will all be treated again.  In this house, we don’t like fleas – this is an understatement.  We want them gone – for good!

Will update soon – hopefully with good news!


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