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Lately, I have been feeling nostalgic.  I’m not really sure why.  I think it could be the fact that Ellie and I had been getting ready to attend the Backstreet Boys DNA Tour.  I was looking through a lot of things online, and as I was finding different videos of theirs to watch, I found myself wandering to websites, etc. of other interests I’ve had over the years.  When it comes to this kind of stuff, my attention ends up taking off into all different directions.

My favorite hockey team at one time had been the New York Islanders.  My favorite player from that team was John Tonelli.  His number is tattooed just above my left ankle.  So as I wandered all over You Tube, I found many videos from the glory days of the Islanders.  They were the Dynasty years – when the team won four straight Stanley Cups.  JT assisted on Bob Nystrom’s Cup-winning Overtime goal to win the team their first ever Stanley Cup, and had figured prominently in just about every other significant goal during that time.  I found the game tying and game/series winning goals against Pittsburgh on You Tube – from 1982, how primitive the footage looked!  I have watched that OT goal hundreds of times since that day back in 1980, but these lesser videos I really hadn’t seen in a very long time.  I literally got chills watching John Tonelli tie the series and win it for the Islanders.  Why this man’s number has not been retired alongside his teammates from back then is beyond me.  It’s a mystery.  It was a good, emotional visit down nostalgic Memory Lane.

My oldest son just turned thirty-one, and my ex-husband is about to turn sixty.  Getting things ready for the birthday celebrations had me thinking of when we were young, married just four years with Michael, our first baby.  He was such a little round, perfect boy with the bluest eyes and the easiest disposition.  Easing into parenthood, back when we really knew nothing – we were blessed.  That is why we had Kevin so fast – not even two years later.  Thinking about all of us getting together this weekend – with them as confident, happy and successful young men – it is hard to not remember with fondness and a full heart – Michael and his tiny bear (of which he has a tattoo of on his calf), Kevin hanging onto his beat-up Disney Baby blanket and Chris and his pacifier (which he gave up after getting a vintage, original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord – he bargained!) There really isn’t much else that’s better to reminisce about than these wonderful children we raised.  We did a great job, if I do say so myself!

I’ve traveled all over the country for wrestling.  It is hard to explain how and why I will randomly start reminiscing about different Wrestlemanias.  It could be that we were watching a Dallas Cowboys game on television, and remembered when we were there in that stadium for WrestleMania in 2016 – there were over 100,000 people in attendance that day.  Those thoughts give way to our other Mania that was in Texas, which was Houston in 2009.  Something thought of about that trip will lead into memories of maybe Atlanta or Phoenix.   It’s been a wild, crazy ride, all these WrestleMania trips – which started back in 2004.  I can’t even venture a guess as to what the total cost is that I’ve put out over the years.  Thinking back, remembering it all – whatever the amount – it was way more than worth it.

The Backstreet Boys.  I have been a fan of theirs for a very long time.  So was my son Kevin – his 5th grade class picture has him in a BSB t-shirt.  I’ve now seen them five times.  They say things (and I guess people) get better with age, and this is true.  I have always though they were talented beyond words, but to see them twenty-six years after they started – they are better than ever.  Their show was a wonderful spectacle – they gave our crowd a show that really was phenomenal.  Playing a lot of their newer stuff, along with the older classics, it was a beautiful night of remembering good times.  Of the concert where they dedicated part of their performance to one of their Crew who died in one of the planes on September 11th.  Or the summer of 1998 when we listened to NOTHING but their first CD.  It is true – theirs was the only CD we had in the minivan.  The first concert of theirs that Kevin and I attended – and sat in the rain for the ENTIRE night.  We had colds and scratchy throats for a long time after that, but it was completely worth it.  I remember hanging out (fairly recently) with a friend (a guy who’s in his early 40’s) who knew EVERY word to each BSB song that would play on the Juke Box – he either had dated a girl way back when who was a fan or was a huge fan himself.  All of these Backstreet Boys memories really do make me smile.

Reminiscing can make you sad as well.  With this, I try (as I do with other things) to immediately replace a sad thought with a happy one.  If I’m missing my parents and I’m about to cry, I try really hard to think fast about a good and happy time with them – it usually works.  I miss JB every day of my life.  I still cry about the boy – but then I remember that he went over that Rainbow Bridge knowing he was loved.  And almost right away, one of his siblings does something to make me crazy.  Crazy but happy.

What nostalgic things puts smiles on your faces?


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