Time for some ramblings…of all different kinds


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Today I have had quite a few different kinds of thoughts rattle around in my head.  Some were good, some were just ok.

Ellie needed someone to come and do cement work around the base of our house.  The basement needs to get sealed so no more cats and kittens get inside (or worse yet, maybe a possum – if I ever saw one of those inside, I would D I E die).  I hooked her up with a guy I met through an online selling app.  He seemed legit, and set up an appointment to begin work yesterday.  He showed up, and left almost immediately because he needed more supplies.  That seemed odd, but ok – whatever.  He said he’d be back in an hour.  Well, two hours later he called and said he’d be there soon – his dog was sick.  More hours passed and his next call said he had to take his daughter to cheerleading practice.  But that he would be back – ha!! He left some of his tools, and hasn’t been back.  With no call, no nothing.  He wasn’t paid anything, so he didn’t rip her off.  How is business conducted these days?   The man has no follow through.  No integrity.  I don’t get it.

Yesterday was September 11th.  This was a terrible day for our country, for the entire world.  But for me, it was a wonderful day.  Because way back on this date, in 1988 – I became a Mom for the first time.  That is what I have tried to focus on when talks of September 11th come up.  I will never forget what happened in 2001 – no one will.  I prefer to think of the little blond haired, blue eyed baby boy that came into the world that day.  Michael was an easy baby who was a joy to raise.  As a young man, he developed an amazing work ethic that continues to this day.  He and I are close.  We share a lot of the same interests.  He makes me smile, always.  He makes September 11th a good day.

My youngest baby got engaged last month.  I’ll be getting another daughter.  They are both only twenty-four years old, yet they have been together since they were fifteen.  Literally, they have grown up together.  It is a very happy time for our family.  We love Bre like she is our own, and seeing her parents’ love for Chris is heartwarming.  They are looking at a late Fall or early Winter of 2020 for their wedding.  We couldn’t be happier!

In twenty days, my Tampa Bay Lightning will begin the season!  I cannot wait!  I don’t think they will have the kind of season they did last year.  In many ways, I hope they don’t – losing four straight playoff games in the first round to be ousted, after finishing first overall – no good.  They are a great team with amazingly talented players.  I have scouted out all the away games they will play within a decent drive for us, and we hope to get to a game at Amalie Arena in Tampa – where the Lightning will play the Washington Capitals.  I’ll be able to see my cats’ namesakes play each other – Nik is named for Nikita Kucherov of Tampa and Lexi is named for Alex Ovechkin from Washington.

I’ve been teasing Jeff lately, telling him I love watching my new boyfriend on TV.  I’m getting very hooked on Dr. Phil.  I used to find him pompous, and to a point, I still do.  I find a lot of his advice though to be very simple, yet very helpful.  I get a little irritated by the constant plugs of his podcast, the advertising of his wife’s beauty product line and the promotion of his son Jay’s company, but I can mostly overlook all of that.  He has a lot of help to give people.  His guests seem to really listen to him.  The humor he uses lightens the mood at times too.  I’m glad in our area he is on twice a day.

I am not sure what to do with my hair.  Should I get it cut, or keep letting it grow?  I do want to keep the length, yet I think I need to go get a trim.  I need a shape up.  I was toying with the idea of just leaving it alone, using curlers at night and pinning it up or back the next day.  I have a coupon for a $7.99 haircut.  I’m probably going to go for that trim.  Especially since the coupon expires on Sunday.   I’ve been to that salon before, and I like the work they do.  And of course, I can’t pass up a bargain.

My hospital is opening up an OB Unit next month.  We haven’t had Labor and Delivery here since the 2003.  It will be nice having the littlest patients here again.  It is the happiest department in a hospital.

Enough of my rambling thoughts for now.  What odd things pop into your heads from time to time?


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