Random Saving Money Tidbits

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As you know, I recently started a job.  I’m thankful and grateful to be at my hospital again, but almost as important – I am so very happy to start back on a more strong financial ground.

I thank God every day for Jeff.  He has kept our little family afloat these past few months.  We have had regular expenses in addition to one-time ones.  It cost money to put our beloved JB to sleep, and it cost money to get our babies “fixed.”  Besides food for the two of us, it costs a decent amount to feed and take care of seven cats.  And this doesn’t include the families I feed outside – since April I have fed two different Mamas.  Each Mama had four babies.

My sister and I had a yard sale.  I wanted to clear out the clutter, turning it all into cash.  No such luck.  I made a grand total of $15.  This was not what I was hoping for.  So, I took out the few items that had decent names – planning to sell these things on Offer Up, Let Go or Poshmark.  Every other thing went into the back of my car to be dropped off at Salvation Army the next time I drive past the place.  I have sold things here and there online, so I’m somewhat familiar with doing this.  I am hoping to be at least a little bit successful.  Wish me luck!

If you can’t make (more) money, the least you can hope to do is to save and economize with what you’ve got.  And I have a lot – I have been going through ALL of my clothes – for each and every season, since that is the weather climate we live in now (year-round seasons/weather).  I try to read online posts about recent and current fashion trends.  And, then…after reading and researching – I put things away.  I must admit, I have many things with tags still attached.  Keeping at minimum the items that can be considered classic, combined with your new items – you will always be able to “go shopping” in your storage, your closet – whatever.  Be assured, this way you can feel happy and well dressed.

With food, you have to…and never should you ignore the “clearance” section.  I have found the most AMAZING deals/bargains there.  And yet, yes…you need to find time to go through the “regular” aisles.  While shopping all aisles in a local Walmart, the soup aisle had incredible finds – for $4.06, you cannot imagine what I got – “Cream of” soups, Hungry Man cans for 25 cents each…I truly hit the mother-load…what amazing, delicious and special work-meals Jeff and I will have!  Don’t ever forget the Bakery Clearance Aisle.  My family is going to have delicious Garlic Bread I plan on making for quite some time.

As you know, I am a big of thrift store shopping.  If you are also this way, great.  If not, I highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with this way of life (because it absolutely is this for me).  Many of my favorite items in our house (both clothing and home furnishings, etc.) have come from visits to thrift stores.  I have bought picture frames and painted them to match in a pretty and matching display.  The desk I sit at while I am typing this very post came from a Goodwill store.  The pajama bottoms I am now wearing – yes, they are a thrifted item.  My filing cabinets – spray painted black and silver to match my desk – you guessed it – great thrift store finds.  The purse/pocketbook/handbag (whatever you call this item) I am currently using is one of many I’ve bought in thrift stores.  If you become a thrift store shopper, and keep your thrifting in check (because the fact that items can be downright cheap can lead to over purchasing) you will find amazing deals for yourself and your loved ones.  Remember, a carefully thought of gift (even though it is “previously owned”) is a gift nonetheless.  I welcome any gift I get that is bought for me with my wants and likes considered.

Saving money and being thrifty needs to be a forefront in your mind, but not in a bad way.  You have to think of how you’re living with money in mind as a positive thing.  Being frugal and careful in many areas will allow you to splurge on things that you value most.  If you eat meals from home for meals at work for a week or two, your bank account will show this effort.  What would make you happier – soup, ice cream or pizza from your company cafeteria, or your bank account being bigger?  Your bank account being bigger leads you towards that vacation you want, or being able to attend the concert you’re dying to be at.  Of course everyone knows this.  You have to think this and believe this.  Watching your money needs to be thought of as positive, not negative.  Keeping yourself in check financially will keep you on the straight and narrow road to comfortable, worry-free living.  Do not think of yourself as deprived.  Think of yourself as motivated and positive.

Always focus on the happy, positive things in your life.  Focus every day on things that make you smile.  If you find a bad thought creeping into your head, immediately replace it with a good thought.  Don’t let your mind play tricks on you.  Full steam ahead with the rest of your life.  My life has almost always been good.  I don’t want to live with worry of any kind (if I can help it).  Watching my pennies and being frugal (not cheap) will insure that this area of my life will be and will stay stable.






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