Is there really anyone out there like me?

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I don’t think I’m really all that unique.  Other than the fact that I am fifty-six years old with seven cats and I’m also a pro wrestling fan, I think I’m fairly regular.  I love my friends and family, and in general I am a very happy person.  I love being home, tinkering around the place and watching the classics on television – and I mean MY kind of classics, Maury Povich being high on my list.  I love to cook when I have time, and I love to thrift store shop.  I am a bargain hunter.  I like to go on the internet, and I try to find tips to keep myself looking halfway decent.  I really enjoy reading blogs about the things I like.  And even if the authors of these blogs claim to not be “all together” – why do they seem so much more “with it” than me?

Lifestyle blogs are great.  This one I’m writing is very real.  It is scattered, with topics all over the place.  That’s kind of like my life.  I’m organized and on top of things one minute, and the next minute something peeks my interest, and I’m off in an entirely different direction.  One of my sons had Attention Deficit Disorder.  It was harder to get him diagnosed because he had it without the hyperactivity part.  I think I may have part of this as well.  I am not hyper.  I am laid back.  I like nothing better than sitting around, lounging – watching television, playing with my cats.  Taking it easy.  So while my mind may be in all different directions, my body slows down as soon as it feels the need to.

I am not entirely sure what has been wrong with me.  I have not felt right since last Thanksgiving.  I have felt off, not good.  Not sick enough to stay home and in bed, but not good enough to be perky and active like I would like to be.  I don’t know if I don’t want to admit it or not, but maybe feeling “off” is my new normal.  And it’s a part of aging?  I don’t know.

Eh, all I want to see if there’s another scatter-brained cat loving wrestling fan out there, or a reasonable facsimile – if you find her, send her my way.  We need to bond!

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58 year old Mom with three great sons, and SIX great cats and their wonderful Dad, Jeff... LISA is my name. Life Is Smashing Always comes from the letters in my name...

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