Money. Saving. Dave Ramsey?

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I need more money.  I need to save more money.  And because of this, I read.  A lot.  All over the internet, Facebook and Pinterest.  I have read many different tips.  So many people refer to Dave Ramsey.  He makes many good points, as do many other writers.  I am not criticizing nor endorsing, but lately I have been scratching my head with the tips on how to save and how to get ahead.

The first one that made me smile is to amass a $1,000 Emergency Fund.  Really?  Wow.  It is hard enough to pay our bills day to day.  Tell me, please – how am I going to get this in place?  They tell you to have this, yet don’t explain to you how to do it when you’re living day to day, paycheck to paycheck.

Pay all your debts – well, yes.  That’s what I’m heading towards, hoping to do.  Saying this in articles describing your financial life – well, to me it’s almost insulting.  Of course we all want and need to pay our debts!

It’s good to have a 3-6 Month LONG RANGE Emergency Fund – well, hell yes that’s a good thing to have.  But this one goes along the road of $1,000 excess, yada yada yada…If you’re just barely skating paying your regular bills, how in the world can you get more?  No one ever explains this.  No one!

You’re told to invest 15% – again, how is this possible?  How do you do it if your daily expenses are barely getting met?  I would do this if SOMEONE TOLD ME HOW IT CAN BE DONE.  How?

Give to Charities – I barely have enough money for me, for us – but yes, I do donate.  I realize that even in the financial situation I’m in, I am lucky enough that I can still give to people, pets, etc. that need.  Of course, I would like to give more.  And maybe one day I will be able to.  I do also feed many cats in our neighborhood.  I cannot look at a cat and wonder if he or she is hungry.  I just HAVE to put food out for them.  Just in case.

Make an envelope system – good idea, yes.  Right now, currently I have this going on – I have one envelope, and it’s marked CRUISE.  It has $30 in it.  Not a lot considering a more significant deposit will need to be paid by November.

Don’t buy a new car – no worries, none.  I am THRILLED with my 2015 Chevy Spark (in Grape Ice) and I feel no denial, whatever at all.  It is the perfect car for me.  My daughter in law calls it the perfect Lisa-mobile.

Check your Cell Phone and see if you can upgrade, downgrade – change your bill.  Well, I did this, and we saved a bit.  Though last time my phone and my son’s were just paid off, they seemingly, amazingly needed to be upgraded as they stopped working decently.  I swear it is like the phones are pre-programmed to need upgrades.  Right now we have until September to think about changing.  Ugh.

They tell you to INCREASE YOUR INCOME – well, yes.  Of course.  So you sign up to deliver for Door Dash and Grub Hub, and you want to drive for Uber (because all of a sudden, Lyft deletes your vehicle type).  It is not as easy as you think.  You have to consider the area in which you live.  Trust me.  Not as easy as it seems.

Get Free Items whenever possible – I cannot believe anyone in what they would consider a financial crisis would not do this.  Do not be proud.  Investigate what you are eligible for, what programs you can be accepted into.  And take advantage.  But, without a doubt – when your situation changes (and it will) make sure you give back.

Avoid Brand Names – hahaha, who with financial concerns does not do this?  Another tip that is almost insulting.

Eat Less – great tip, if all is good.  If you want to lose weight.  If you are not hungry.  Self explanatory.  No more words needed.

Start a side hussle – yes, I agree.  I have started two – a cat sitting/cat care business – to hopefully make us some money, and to give me my “need” to be with cats.  And I’ve started a home laundry service.  So far both are going slow, but that is to be expected at the new beginning of anything.

These are my thoughts on money, finances, etc. – hate all of it.  I would so very much appreciate any ideas and tips you all have…we need to help each other!

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