You’ve got to fight for your right to PARTY…

Happy birthday cats

This is a big year for our family – in the next few months, or a little more actually – three family members will be hitting milestone birthdays.  The ex-husband will be turning 60, my middle son will be turning 30, and my nephew will be turning 18.

I have always tried to do notable things for those special birthdays – 16, 21, etc.  What I have done is usually give the recipient the number of gifts corresponding to the age they are turning.  It was hard enough finding thirty gifts for my oldest son last year – to get sixty for his father, well – impossible!

The ex has said he doesn’t need (or want) sixty gifts – so I will humor him.  He was and is a candy person, so one of his gifts will be a large box with sixty pieces of candy – mostly Reese’s of some kind, plus other things.  We have come full circle in the years since we separated and divorced, and his girlfriend and I are planning to give him a nice party to celebrate.  Besides the candy, and making some sort of a sign in thing for people to put their thoughts on – what else can I bring, make, take with us?

Kevin will be thirty.  It’s almost a year away, but I like to plan ahead.  Obviously I have known the boy since the day he was born, and like his oldest brother, Michael – he will get thirty gifts.  He and his wife, my beautiful daughter in law Amanda, have six cats and two rabbits – my fur grandkids.  I could up the items for him to include things for the furries – but I want it to be for HIM.  What else could he want, need?  Like his Dad, he likes Reese’s.  I want to spoil the boy, because he is a great son, a great husband.  And he deserves it.

Then there is my nephew, Dan.  I cannot believe he will be turning 18.  I remember getting the call when he was born.  That does not seem to be that long ago, but I guess it was.  Eighteen gifts is not too hard to figure out.  The issue with this is that he will be turning 18 when we are all on a cruise – he will not be able to drink the day of his birthday on the ship, but we will be in either Nassau or Freeport that day – so on land, he will be able to.  What can I get him?  What can I bring on board?  I want to make it memorable for him.  When we went on our cruise (my first one) this January, we had such an amazing time, and an event that had us laughing until we hurt – I want his 18th birthday to be memorable!

I am on Pinterest all the time.  I try to research the kind of things I’m looking for – in every aspect of my life.  I guess what I’m saying right now is…I need ideas!  I want these three events in my family’s life to be special – and I’m asking for help.

What do YOU think I can do to make a 60th, 30th and 18th birthday special?  Any and all help will be so appreciated…



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