Hungry…dinner is served!

I have not been feeling good these past few weeks.  Besides the fact of JB passing away, I have had an infection – it manifested itself into a rash, a face rash – I looked like a clown!  It went away, and within a day or two after finishing the antibiotics and steroids, it was back.  Ugh,  I hate it.

I figured I need to get (more) healthy – so in addition to the doctor telling me I need to get back on B12, I decided it is time to get better foods into my diet.  I have a water app on my phone, reminding me of when it is time to hydrate.  This is truly a big deal, because seriously none of us realize how quickly a person can get dehydrated.  I have chicken and beef plans for the next few days, but for tonight – I didn’t have too much of an idea.  So I decided to make pasta.  Yes, pasta.

As you will see from these pictures, I whipped up a meal – and it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I first cooked minced garlic and chopped onions in butter – well, actually, Blue Bonnett – and as it cooked, oh the aroma – so good!  While that was cooking, I had pasta boiling on the stove.  Once it was all done, I took the pasta, the “grilled” onions and garlic and combined them in a pot with the pasta – and some spaghetti sauce (your choice) plus half a “standard” block of cream cheese.  Baked all of this in a casserole for about a half an hour, give or take – and the result was…delicious!

Before baking this in the oven, I put some grated parmesan/romano on top – if you want, put some grated mozzarella on – and within a short time, I had a dinner that was healthy, and delicious – next time I make this, I will include chicken, or maybe shrimp – to increase/bump up the protein…right now, I’m full – and thankful I will have leftovers for tomorrow – and Jeff will have some too, unless he decides to be “healthy man” and take his regular food for lunch/dinner tomorrow…

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58 year old Mom with three great sons, and SIX great cats and their wonderful Dad, Jeff... LISA is my name. Life Is Smashing Always comes from the letters in my name...

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