I’m on FIRE…

fire wallpaper
IPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Since coming back to life, online…so to speak, much has happened…the Royal Baby is a BOY…congrats to Meghan and Harry, that baby is going to grow up to be beautiful! Currently I am watching the Colorado Avalanche battle the Sharks.  While I have no hatred or whatever towards San Jose, having  (luckily) lived in God’s Country (Colorado)  for six years – two of those years being Cup Victory seasons – 1996 and 2001 – I want the Avs to win!  I follow four teams each year – the Avs, the Caps, the Islanders and the Tampa Bay Lightning.  My heart has Islanders “stuff” on it, as does my leg…a JT tattoo, for, in my opinion, the most significant player in their history.  I named one of my cats after Alex Ovechkin – crazy Russian, love him!  The Colorado Avalanche have a STAR player, born on the EXACT day as my last baby – gotta love those 9/1/95 babies, Nathan MacKinnon and Chris Rosentreter!  I moved to and moved away from Tampa, Florida – no matter what happens, and I mean this – they are MY TEAM.  Always and forever, love the BOLTS!

I both honor and blame my Dad for the feelings I get at playoff time.  When it is good, I honor – when it does not go my way…blame?  Eh..not really.  Thankful I have had these memories.  Good.  Bad.  Sad.  Whatever.  Happy?  Yes, for sure!


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58 year old Mom with three great sons, and SIX great cats and their wonderful Dad, Jeff... LISA is my name. Life Is Smashing Always comes from the letters in my name...

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