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Lately, I have…I have felt the overwhelming desire to save.  To run.  To get my money in a safe place (whatever that is)…so…I can pay my bills, and to continue life…as we (or I) know it.

I have not worked consistently since the Fall of 2017.  Considering this, I think for the most part I have done ok.  Mostly.

It is time.  While I am not young, I am also not old enough to give up and forget – to forget what it is like to work hard to get what you want, and more – or as important – what you need.

Recently, I have been working with an amazing couple – married over 50 years.  Totally in love and totally devoted to one another, I am lucky to be in their company three days a week.  They think the world of me, and in return – I think the world of them.  Truly, they are the best.  And more recently, I have been privileged to be working with an awesome 97-year old woman – who would give people half her age a run for their money!  As much as I know that I will not get rich caring for these people – it does not matter.  I want what I need to survive, and not much more.  I am happy, and more than that – they are happy too.  Who can complain?  Certainly not me.

I walk through the stores, whatever ones – checking out the styles, colors – whatever -for this upcoming season.  I am lucky to have SO many clothes (and accessories) that whatever the current trend is, I can accommodate it.  I always want to look neat, modern and clean.  I have no worries there – I have boxes of items new with tags, so whenever I want to go shopping – all I need to do is go up to my attic and look around.  Playoff hockey season is approaching (April 10th) and my wardrobe will be easy to plan – I wear only Tampa Bay Lightning clothing – all blue hues, in one way or another.

A good rule is to spend money on what you NEED, not just what you want.  You may want beer for an Easter gathering – but get the generally decent priced brew, rather than the more ultra-like kind.  When money gets better, easier – you can upgrade your choice.

For a nice dinner, if you are thinking of serving chicken – drumsticks are generally more reasonably priced.  You can bake an entire tray of plain drummers, and serve them with different kind of sauces on the side.  I did this this recently, and it was a great hit.  If your family and friends like pasta, serve that.  Maybe they like some kind of potatoes.  Or maybe rice.  Pick what you think all will like, and there you go – a holiday dinner.  Chicken and sides with stuffing and maybe even cranberry sauce – mmm, I’m hungry already.  Some will say vegetables need to be included, so choose what your guests will like most.

Nothing is more important than family and friends.  Nothing.  And when holidays and special days for them and all of us approach – of course we want to make sure our loved ones are happy.  Is the importance of a gift measured by the cost?  I do not think so.  That being said, I have spent a lot making sure my loved ones were happy.  And some of the gifts I got for these same loved ones were not costly at all.  Know your budget.  Know your recipients.  It all works out.  The key word is PLANNING.  All year long, you need to be aware of what’s out there that you can get for a decent price.  Be organized.  Be aware.  If you do this, I can almost guarantee you will always be high on the gift-giver list!



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