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You can’t have a fun and proper gathering without the right items.  With the proper planning, you can be assured you will always have the supplies to make your party or get together fun, and coordinated at the same time.

Always be on the lookout for reduced price paper goods.  When you are in a store that sells this kind of stuff, wander to the party aisle.  I scored an amazing deal on hard, corrugated paper plates, in an oval shape (so they were plenty big).  They were 50 cents for a package of 12, so I took one in every color they had.  My entertaining for the next few months will be easier (and less expensive) because of this find.

When you decide on a theme, or color for your “event” get a package of large napkins in said color, and alternate them in a pile or arrange them with some plain white ones.  You’ll get your burst of color, and the white (i.e. cheaper) napkins will fill in where you need them to.

A good choice  would be  clear plastic utensils that are sold.  But again, scour the aisles of stores that sell this stuff.   You’ll be surprised at how easily you can get packages of plastic utensils for cheap once the color of the season has passed.  I once got orange forks, spoons and knives for 24 cents a package, with 48 items in them. Halloween time.   Ok, orange might not be the most popular color for the future, but they were used for Thanksgiving time.  And when your son’s team (the Denver Broncos) make the playoffs, this is a good thing!  When all else fails, you can always get white for a reasonable choice if you can’t get clear or the color you’d like.

For serving bowls, strive to obtain a collection of white or clear ones.  I currently have several white Corelle bowls and clear Pyrex ones.  No matter what I put out, using these bowls – it all coordinates, and it all works.  For chips and things like that, you can get clear large plastic bowls at Dollar Tree.  Clear and white serving – you can’t go wrong.

I have found that if you want to make your gathering more or a party than a get together – blow up some balloons, attach them to some curling ribbon, and hang them around your place.  Balloons always make a party!

Lastly, all good gatherings should have pictures taken during the event.  With photos, you can document how much fun everyone was having.  You’ll have memories.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

Party on…




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