Entertaining on a Budget – Drinks

full drinking glass with slice of lime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A good party and/or a fun gathering needs some drinks.  Not necessarily alcoholic, yet you do need to keep your guests hydrated with all the good food you are serving.  What you are offering does not have to be fancy, expensive or anything like that.  Simple is always ok.

What I always have on hand to serve is soda, both diet and regular.  And the dark ones like Pepsi or Coke, and light like Sprite or 7-Up.  Of course, beer is a must for me.  I will usually have the kinds that are my favorites, plus other kinds that my guests might like.  Truthfully, at our “parties” people tend to bring what they like to drink, so the amount of drinks I need to provide is minimal.

For simplicity, you can serve water in pretty glass pitchers.  Float a few fruit slices around and you’ll have “fancy” water.  It is usually well received, and if people don’t finish it all, you can put it back in your fridge and have water with good additives for the next day or so.

Fresh-brewed iced tea is always a hit.  You can provide lemon juice and different kinds of sweeteners to perk it up for those who would want to drink it that way.

Keeping mixed drinks to a minimum.   If you want – have a bottle of rum or vodka, and provide mixers to go with them.  Orange and cranberry juice are good choices.  Actually, any kind of fruit juices can make a delicious drink, reminding us all of good vacations gone by.

Don’t forget – always have lots of ice on hand…

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