Entertaining on a Budget – Desserts

donuts and bagel display
Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Pexels.com

Any good party or get together needs to include sweets. Though my guests and I often eat too much food and are full afterwards, we always have desserts.  As much as we enjoy these things, usually what we have isn’t too elaborate, and doesn’t end up costing much either.

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This is a simple dessert that many times ends up being just enough. Just enough as it is light, sweet and doesn’t fill you up. You can serve the pudding in a large bowl, with smaller bowls on the side. Including different kinds of toppings makes the pudding extra special. We have used chocolate chips, sprinkles, crushed cookies, crushed candy canes, and mini marshmallows. If you want to get a little fancier, you can serve the pudding in small bowls, or to make a bigger impact, layer pudding, cream topping, repeating – like a parfait inside a champagne glass. Classy!

The same thing above can be done with jello. Again, serve in a large bowl. Or do the same parfaits – you can get very creative. I’ve done red and green layered with cream for Christmas, yellow and orange for Easter. You get the idea. There are a variety of gelatins – just check out all the color combinations you can make! I have done jello parfaits in team colors. And you will be surprised at how well jello will go over with your guests. It is a light and easy dessert – just something sweet to end your meal.

Cake mixes are frequently on sale.  You should always have a few on hand.  Combined with a canister of frosting, you can make a tray of cupcakes.  Or a sheet cake.  It’s not fancy, no.  If you want a desert that will feed a lot of people, this can be the one.  Always having different colored sprinkles will be able to jazz things up, in colors appropriate for your gathering, or whatever holiday you are celebrating.

The last standby is ice cream.  Unless your an ice cream addict and can’t resist it, buy a few half gallons when it is on sale.  You know, stock up.  Frequently here we can get them for $1.99 each.  Pick neutral flavors (or ones you know your guests really like), set out the whipped cream, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips.  Have a box of ice cream cones available and a few small dessert bowls.  I have found that providing a “Make Yourself a Sundae” buffet is always successful.  Because everyone always has room for a few spoons of ice cream!

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