(Partially) Homemade Baking Hacks

I like to entertain. It is always a lot of fun to have people over, and those visits usually include food (and plenty of it). Typically, we eat so much that we are usually full, but there are always desserts. I make a few different things that come out pretty good, despite minimal effort.
Making a cake or cupcakes with a Strawberry mix instead of the usual Chocolate or Yellow is a nice change. It usually goes over well. Paired with plain white frosting, you can decorate them with pink sprinkles for Valentine’s Day, yellow or purple for Easter, or red and blue for a Patriotic event.
Muffins to me usually are more for breakfast, but sometimes I make them for other times. One of my favorites is using a Banana Nut mix, add a package of Banana Creme pudding to the mix, and throw in some chocolate chips. Before baking them, you can add nuts (or can grate some freeze dried banana chips) on top. They come out delicious! Very moist, almost cupcake-like.
Make up a decent amount of Vanilla Pudding, depending on how many people you’ll be having. To me, it’s easier to serve if you put it all in a big bowl, but making individual ones looks fancier. You can have toppings to choose from. With vanilla, I’ve used chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and even crushed-up grated red and white mints. With chocolate pudding, after it is done and set, you can mix it with a Cool Whip-type cream and make it become almost like a mousse. Same thing – it is fine in a large serving container, but I like the mousse in champagne glasses. Looks fancy!
You can make a simple homemade Peanut Butter frosting with powdered sugar, peanut butter and some shortening (butter or margarine) and frost Chocolate cupcakes or a sheet cake – Reese’s Cake. With chocolate cake, you can frost with the Cool Whip-type cream and grate chocolate sandwich cookies – Oreo dessert. Frosting this way should be done just before serving, however. Though if you want to make it a layer cake, you can frost the middle section and cover the top with the Cream just as you serve it.
Red Velvet Cake Mix is good for Valentine’s Day – frost with white icing and use red and pink sprinkles. You can also use white icing and green sprinkles for a pretty Christmas dessert.
Baking from scratch is wonderful, no doubt. You can still have nice desserts for minimal effort…

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