Random Money Saving Thoughts

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I need to save money. As we are just about to plan our next cruise, barely a week after returning from the first one – it’s more important than ever. I have been thinking of a few things that can help me to add to my bank account (or at least have that same bank account not decrease).

* Don’t buy what you don’t need, if you already have one. That cute little bottle of lotion might not be expensive, but why bother if you already have more than several at home already?

* Bottled water – to me, it’s a waste. You can go to Dollar Tree and buy a few nice, cute reusable bottles – and fill them up from your tap, keeping them in your fridge all ready to go. If you don’t like tap water, invest in one of those pitchers that have filters.

* Don’t waste food. At all. Any. Immediately put leftovers in the freezer unless you KNOW you’ll eat them in the next day or two. Last night, I defrosted some kind of beef with rice – not sure where it originally came from. I mixed it up with a little bit of tomato sauce or tomato juice (I don’t remember which) and added some shredded cheese on top. Jeff and I had this for dinner, with saltines. It was kind of like a sloppy Joe type dish.

* Keep impulse buys at the grocery store to a minimum. Unless you know for sure that they are an amazing buy (though you should always be reading the circulars before you go).

* Do not ever buy travel size anything. You can get empty travel size bottles, airline approved at Dollar Tree. They come in colors, or clear. Make sure you label them or at least write down what is in them, though. I frequently make mistakes between shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner. They even have little spray bottles you can put liquid hair spray in so you can have your pump hair spray, if that’s what you are used to.

* Check all of your bills the next time they come in. There might be charges you can reduce or eliminate all together. Every little bit helps.

* Do not pay ATM fees if you can avoid them. In our area, there are a few convenience stores that charge no fee for using them. Search those places out where you live.

* If you can, avoid paying late fees on credit cards. I just hate having to do this.

* Consider a no-spend challenge. I did this for a one-week period. I told myself all I would get was gasoline, if I needed it. Turned out I didn’t, and seeing my bank balance exactly the same one week later was really nice.

* If you are considering a bigger type purchase or one that will be potentially expensive, wait it out. During that time, you might find a better deal. You might find that you don’t need what you were considering. If after waiting, you realize you still need it, you’ll be confident in what you’re about to purchase.

* Make a budget. This goes without saying. We all should have one. Once my situation here gets more stable and more regular, I will make one and I will stick to it.

* Don’t forget that life is for the living, and it’s to be lived having fun. Find frugal ways to keep yourself happy.

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