Cruisin’…it’s Better in the Bahamas!

Hello! We just got back on Sunday – this was my very first cruise, it was wonderful and it certainly won’t be my last! We sailed on the Carnival Pride.
I don’t know how I can even properly explain how amazing it was. First of all, the basics – the value is incredible. If you did nothing but drink lemonade, iced tea or water (which is included) you would pay nothing else. Not another cent. Every meal is included, and every snack you want between meals is also included. I enjoyed more than beer on this trip, which surprised me. But being on the ship, cruising – it was the fruity, frozen drinks and the tropical ones on the rocks that got me. They were great!
The staff, what can I say? They are so nice. Actually, they are beyond nice and in a legitimate way. Being a cruise worker, you have to enjoy people, and the staff on Carnival – they do! We’ve even become Facebook friends with some of them so we can stay in touch. Your fellow passengers – you’ll become friends with people, and it’s as easy as anything. I saw next to no one on the boat in a bad mood. Everyone was happy. Everyone was laughing. It was so nice, people smiling at each other for no reason at all.
I know I am, as they say, preaching to the choir – to those who have cruised before. For those of you who have not, please – give it a shot. I was never really into cruising per se, but my sister is – and she got the deal offered to her way back in January of last year. It ballooned from her and her son, Dan to me and Ellie, to Sean (my future brother in law) and his daughter Eowynn, my son and daughter in law (this was my wedding gift to them) and three friends of my sister. We were a good group. Despite my sister injuring her ankle and Amanda getting sick from an excursion meal, we are all going again!

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