Some of my happiest days…


When I think of times that I was really happy, I always remember this picture. It was at a wrestling event in Cleveland. I am not sure exactly what I was cheering for, but just my whole “being” in this shot says pure and absolute joy. I was so happy. I think it shows!

Other times I was happy of course were the days my three sons were born. That goes without saying. I have started of thinking of some of the other best days of my life. I’m going to make a list, and I just know I will leave things out. And that will be without meaning to, for sure.

I was so happy on my trip to Ireland, but there was one night there that sticks out a little more than the rest. My sister and I were having dinner in an actual authentic Irish pub, and they had live music. An Irish step dancer was performing, and the crowd was happily cheering her on. Being there, watching that and drinking Guinness in Dublin, this was one of my happiest times.

Not long ago, I was visiting Amanda and Kevin. It must have been in August, because I know it was after Jeff and I decided to move home. We found a table online in a Facebook group that was listed as free on the curbside. Knowing we could use this, soon the three of us were in the car going to get it. It was so much fun, giggling and laughing. And finding out that it was a Stanley table in really good condition was a plus! It’s in our dining room now, and every once in a while I smile at it when I remember this story.

Two years ago my son Chris turned twenty one, and his birthday present was a trip – we went to Cincinatti for the weekend to see his Broncos play the Bengals. We had a great time, and the trip came to an end. While eating breakfast off the lobby, paramedics ran in and into the elevator. Soon enough, they left. I went up to the room, and Chris was almost done getting ready so we could leave. As we were leaving the room, coming down the hall towards us and the elevator were two ambulance drivers – with a body on a stretcher. Turns out the person overdosed in the room. Now that itself is very sad, and I don’t mean to minimize it. What was funny was the fact that hotel elevators don’t seem to be the correct size for an ambulance gurney. The attendants had to move and shove and push the stretcher all sorts of ways, and as it raised and lowered, the body was slipping. Absolutely comical with these two guys and Chris and I trying to get a dead body into a hotel elevator. We giggled on and off the entire way home over the absurdity of it all.

I remember one of the happiest days of my life was May 24, 1980. That was the day the New York Islanders won their very first Stanley Cup. It was the day after my Junior Prom, and though I was scheduled to work – there was no way I was going in. So I was watching the game with my Dad, and I remember I was eating fish cakes. The game went into overtime. And seven minutes eleven seconds into that overtime, Bob Nystrom scored. I jumped off the couch, the plate that the fish cakes had been on went flying. I will never forget that feeling ever.

Michael was my son who got me into wrestling, and we have been to many events together. One time we went in the summer, and just sort of hung out in the car – not really tailgating, because we had eaten. Had some cold drinks and just sat there people watching. He and I focused on a group that had one guy who was way worse off than his friends. He was sitting in a chair, talking on his phone and sliding. Slowly, from one side to the other. We were almost taking bets between us as to what side he’d fall from. Somehow, someway he leaned forward and found a trash bag. We didn’t know what happened to the phone, but his leaning side to side was now done with a bag attached to his face. We sat there laughing and watching for so long, yet never knew what happened to him because we needed to go inside. We have wondered for years if that guy ever made it into the event.

There are other things, like the day I finally was able to attend a Tampa Bay Lightning game. I couldn’t believe I was there! The day that Christine, Keith and I were at our Korean Luncheon group get together, and just KNEW we were going to win the contest. Being out with friends from the hospital and just looking at them, knowing they were (and still are) some of the best people I’ve ever known. I am forgetting to mention probably thousands of things.

What are some of the best times of your lives?

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