Really Cheap and Really Easy

Hahaha, that sounds like it could be the topic of a bad daytime talk show. When I say this, I am talking about food. Sometimes I want to save a lot, and sometimes I don’t want to do a lot. So these go-to’s help me out. Let me just say here that these ideas are based on meals for two people.

I know in the past I have posted a casserole recipe with these items, but if you want something very quick, and very easy start with boiling these noodles. As they are cooking and getting done, heat the soup – use TWO cans, but only half the amount of milk on the label. Put the noodles back into the pot you cooked then in after draining. Stir the soup and see that it’s a gravy consistency. Once you like how it looks, pour the soup mixture over the noodles. If you think it looks a little sparse, add a bit more milk or even water. If you want to be fancier, transfer to a serving dish. But more often than not, I will just put the pot on a hotplate and serve it that way. I can often get these cans of soup for fifty cents each, and the egg noodles seem to regularly go for eighty eight cents. There is usually enough for at least one leftover meal.

I used to make up a whole bunch of pancakes at one time, and freeze them in individual portions so breakfasts were easier. Out of a box like this I could make about 25 pancakes, give or take. I haven’t done that in a while, but will again soon. Each meal could be three pancakes, and add an egg or two on the side in whatever style you like. You probably have eggs on hand, as well as syrup. A box of breakfast sausages costs $1.00. This is an easy meal, especially when part of it is already prepared. Breakfast for dinner was always a hit with my family. And it was a hit with my budget, too.

Side note – you can also do a Breakfast for Dinner with French Toast, and the sides above. A whole loaf of white bread dipped into egg batter and maybe even some cinnamon sugar will make you quite a few meal portions. There is a store in our area that had regular, plain old white bread regularly priced at eighty eight cents, but that has now been reduced to sixty-seven cents. An even cheaper option, which is something I’m always looking for.

Each of these items cost eighty-eight cents. Spaghetti with sauce is a delicious meal. You could add some grated cheese on top. And frozen bulk sausage from the same store costs $1.50. You can fry that up and add it to the sauce for extra protein. I have also made those $1.00 a box breakfast sausages and ground them in my little food processor. This is a good, filling meal.

If you like tuna salad, you might like this. It is a recipe that is truly comfort food for me. My mother used to make it. She simply called it Tuna Fish and Noodles. She would boil a box of elbow macaroni and let cool. And this is the part I don’t remember – how she mixed it up, but she always served it in this one particular Pyrex bowl with a glass lid. Basically, it’s a box of elbows, a can or two of tuna fish, some Miracle Whip, and vinegar. She never had amounts, she just did it to taste. It was always one of my favorites. How I wish she was here today to have some with me.

So there you have it. Quick and cheap. Nutritionally balanced? No, not at all. I believe there are just some times that you need to give yourself a break and take it easy.

Life is short…

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