One Little Chicken

The title of this post sounds like it could be a nursery rhyme song. Financially and convenience-wise, this little guy was a success.

chicken cooked cuisine cutlery
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I love the smell of turkey or chicken roasting in the oven. This weekend was supposed to be very cold, so I figured it would be the perfect time to make one. It would warm the house up, and besides it is just such comfort food to me. I ended up buying a roasting chicken, which only cost $5.82. With it I served mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gravy and cranberry sauce. It came out absolutely delicious! It was Jeff and I, and Ellie who brought a delicious
German Chocolate Cake.

We had plenty of leftovers from the bird itself. The next day I picked it clean, and there was enough meat for two actual meals for me at home, and for Jeff to take to work. I got more meat off the bones to put in a bowl to make chicken salad. Chopping that up in my little food processor, there were two portions for salad (one regular chicken salad with grated carrots and mayonnaise, and one barbeque chicken salad). The bones were pretty bare at this point, so it was time to cover it with water to make broth. That broth cooking for a few hours made the house smell SO good. Draining it once it was done and cooled, it yielded one large and two smaller containers of broth. Looking at the carcass, there were still odd pieces of meat on it. Those pieces came off very easy, and I put them into the food processor with a little bit of broth. This remaining concoction has been feeding the outside cats of our neighborhood. They seem to love it! There are about five or six strays that I guess are feral (one has made his or her way into our basement) running around. I can’t save the cat world – five is a lot already – but it makes me feel better that even in this freezing weather, at least they are well fed. Not that I always cook for them, because I don’t. They get the same dry food mine get.

One reasonably priced chicken gave me a main meal for three people, a leftover meal for two, two portions of chicken salad, three containers of broth and home cooking for the neighborhood cats. Not bad. Not bad at all. Worth the money!


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