At Home Indulgences – for a prettier you..

“Spoil yourself every once in a while. You deserve it.”

This has been a hard week for me. Very hard. In addition to not feeling well since Thanksgiving time, getting the diagnosis for JB last Monday almost destroyed me. Thankfully I believe I figured out what was wrong. Turns out it could have been a case of shingles. I started taking medicine I have for cold sores, and I have improved. Once I get a job with insurance, I will go to the doctor for a full checkup, because I really do need one.

My appearance has really suffered recently. I mean, I am clean and neat. But even if I do try, try to get ready to go out – meaning I do my hair, put on nice clothes, use makeup – something is missing. Things with JB seem to have stabilized, well…at least my reaction to his illness has. It’s time for me to do a few things that I always try to do on a semi-regular basis to keep my looks in check.

I am on a budget, and I like to save money. You all know that. I do some things, some treatments that are not costly, but they do make me feel better. From what I can tell, they seem effective as well. I plan on doing all of these things this week. Maybe I can finally climb out of the “poor look” funk.

I like having pretty feet. There is nothing worse to me than a gnarled-up foot, with bad nails and dry skin. One indulgent thing I do is get my fingernails done, but my feet – I take care of them myself. The most important thing to do when you do your own pedicure is to get the old polish off. Sometimes that can be a challenge, and it can take a while. I use rubber gloves so the polish remover won’t mess up my fingers. Once this done, I soak my feet in a bucket of some sort that has toasty, warm water (with soap gel or lotion in it). It is very soothing. As soon as the water starts to cool, I take my feet out and dry them. This is the time that I will trim them if they need, and file them accordingly. I refill the bucket with more warm water (plain), and soak them for just a short while. Then I remove my feet, and rub them in all the way up my calves with some sort of lotion. I usually use whatever scent I am in the mood for. There is no need to use special foot cream, unless you want to. I relax with my feet like this again, past the time when the water cools. Dry my feet, and repeat with more clear water. At this time, you can apply polish. What I usually do though is rub my feet in with a great deal of the lotion, and put on those puffy and fluffy socks. Most of the time I will do polish the next day. I have done all crazy combinations of colors.

I am not happy with my hair. I need to get some sort of a new style. What I am happy about with it is the condition. I have managed to keep split ends under control, and in general it is very healthy. Even though, every once in a while I feel like a scarecrow with straw for hair. When that happens, I do a deep condition. Not surprisingly with me, this doesn’t have to cost a lot. I have a lot of products, both for regular conditioning, for a three-minute condition, and very long (deep) conditioning. For the most part, I used these products the same way. First, I wash my hair and rinse it very well. At this point, I comb my hair back and apply whatever product I’ve decided to use. I comb or brush it through, and just wait. Depending on what I’m doing, it could be ten minutes or an hour. Usually at this time, I do a facial of some sort too. Then when it’s time for both to be over, I take a relaxing shower and always feel better after this.

The facial I wrote about above is nothing fancy, but it feels indulgent nonetheless. I will tweeze my eyebrows, and then take off my makeup if I have any on. I will use all the proper products for each part of my face. During regular skin care, I get lazy and may use cocoa butter or cold cream and will forget the specialty items. I get my face really clean, and then I will use toner. I will rinse the toner off, and then just apply whatever cream I feel like using. All over my face – from my forehead down to my neck. Time-wise I do the same thing as with my fair – ten minutes or an hour. It just depends. My skin always looks better after this, and my makeup seems to make me look better after one of these treatments.

Chattering Teeth
I take care of my teeth every day, like most of us out there. Currently I am having issues with a Dental Organization that shall remain nameless. Nevertheless I still need to keep up with good care, and extra care. Once a week, usually on a Sunday night I spend a greater deal of time on them. I have a few different toothbrushes, and I change them back and forth. I also soak them in antiseptic mouthwash just to extra clean them. First thing I do is floss, floss, floss. Because of the certain dental troubles I am having, this is very important. I won’t do it hard, until they bleed. It needs to be done thoroughly. After this is done, I will rinse with either that blue Mouth Treatment liquid, or with regular green mouthwash. Rinsing with water, I then put enough toothpaste on my brush. It’s important to use the right kind of toothpaste for your teeth and the issues you are having. There are many kinds on the market. Sensitive, extra whitening, etc. I will brush hard but again, not enough to bleed. I’ll give them a good rinse with water, and then maybe with a swish of those mouthwashes. If I’m in the mood, somewhere during this I will use the whitening one too, though I question if they are really effective.

So there you have it. My self-care treatments, procedures…whatever you want to call them. Anyone out there have anything else they do that I can try, too?

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