Snowstorm Boredom Busters

They were right, those weather people from the news. We got snow, and we got a lot of it. Yeah sure, people think it looks pretty. I don’t really agree. It’s still snowing and blowing, so there is no sense to go out and begin shoveling. Jeff may or may not be able to get to work today, so if he doesn’t go I will have his help. Otherwise, I guess it will be just Ellie and I.

Besides today being Championship Sunday in football, there’s really nothing all that thrilling on television right now. So a day like this is the perfect time to organize. To do all those little things that I just never, ever seem to get to. While these things to combat boredom are actually boring themselves, I guarantee once they are done – you will be happy you did them.

First thing I’m going to do is to organize my food storage containers. I always have good intentions of keeping everything together, but before I know it I have containers without lids and then lids without containers. I am going to get all these together today and once and for all make a system for keeping it this way. Wish me luck!

I have a lot of products – self care products, like shampoo, conditioner, body gel, lotions – and when I say a lot, that is exactly what I mean. There is nothing wrong with any of them, but since most have been opened and used somewhat I can’t donate them. My goal today is to put the more full ones towards the back of wherever I plan to put them (this plan also includes changing shelves for this stuff). The ones that are more empty will be up front and then as they get used, the cans, etc. can be thrown away. I will end up with more space this way, and less clutter.

We moved in here almost four months ago. With five cats, I vacuum a lot. Sometimes three times a day, because our rugs on the first floor are dark green and show EVERY little speck of anything. What I haven’t done is to move the couch and love seat from the wall, and move the end tables. This place needs a good, thorough vacuuming and that’s on my list as well. I vacuum so much my cats are no longer afraid of the vacuum cleaner. They just walk around, looking at me as if to say “oh, again. Couldn’t be anything we did, right?”

Paperwork! Who needs (most) of it? I have decided not me. The other day I was having computer problems, and needed what I thought was a recovery disk. Come to realize later that this computer never came with one. The big computer bag I have, plus the little one and the box I keep them in was filled with a bunch of papers, flyers, receipts. I am sure out of everything in there, I probably need to keep about five percent of it all. This is a job I can do later while watching football. I will sit on the floor and make piles – trash, keep, undecided. Then once I’m done I plan on going through the undecided to reduce that to almost nothing.

Since it was three degrees this morning when I woke up (yes, THREE), it’s pretty obvious that the coat hooks we have in the living room don’t need to have my light, spring jackets on them. We have an extra clothing rack that is in my closet room. I will bring that up into the attic and then hang all the jackets up there that I sadly won’t be able to wear at least until April I’m guessing.

I have a large garbage bag towards the back of our kitchen table, underneath it. It is half-filled with items to donate. My plan today is to fill it up more. We are fortunate and have a lot of things. Extra pots and pans we have are going to Michael and his girlfriend Alex. They are moving out of their apartment to a new place, and apparently where they are currently supplied kitchen-type items.

In my piles of paperwork, and elsewhere I have so many pictures. Ones I printed out to do…whatever with. I am going to organize them somewhat, and maybe (eventually) get those small photo albums and give them to some of the people in the photos. Also on this line, I’m going to clean out the pictures on my phone. Keeping some, getting rid of some. I actually need to do that with a lot of things on there. I have apparently downloaded aps that bring along with them tons of commercials, ads…it is very annoying to sometimes have to close out five or six of these things to get to what you want to do.

So, these are my Snow Day plans. Realistically knowing myself, I probably won’t get all of these done, but for every thing I do accomplish I will feel very satisfied with myself.


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