And things that I DON’T think are a waste of money…

US Currency is seen in this January 30,

Yesterday I wrote about things that I think are a waste of money, or rather things I’ve done that wasted my funds. That got me thinking about things I do think are worth my finances.

As I have said before, I just love beer. I have for a very long time, and I don’t see my taste for it ending any time soon. My absolute favorite beer is Molson XXX. I don’t know what it is about it, but I just LOVE it. Sadly though it is not inexpensive. I do buy a case whenever I’m feeling good money-wise and have been spending decently. There are times though that I need to economize. I have found two decent alternatives that are much cheaper. Steel Reserve and Natty Daddy are good. I enjoy them. If you do some research on beer (as I did when I was looking for the photos) you will find that both of these beers do not have good ratings, decent posts written about them and in general are considered poor quality. I do not agree. If I had my choice, I would drink nothing but XXX but for me, these other two are just fine.

I have been drinking coffee for thirty-six years. There were times when I would try to cut down. There were times that for whatever reason I lost my desire to drink it. In general though, I enjoy it so for me it is very much worth the money. I have perfected making my own at home (in my little Flex Brew machine) and it is very good. In fact, I am having a cup right now! I am also a Dunkin Donuts person. It is my absolute favorite place to go for coffee. It’s such a good feeling walking into one of the stores and smelling that wonderful aroma. I have said they should make a specific candle with that scent. Actually I think I read somewhere that these do exist. I could be wrong on that, though. So coffee for me is worth the cost, either making it at home or buying it at Dunkin. Only Dunkin. Not that “other” place. I will NEVER go to that place again.

I have straight hair. Most of the time I like to wear my hair with some sort of curl. Hair spray is important to me, because in order for me to feel like I look my best, my hair has to be in good shape. It is also important because if it is raining out, my hair droops. It also does this in humid weather. The brand pictured is my favorite and, again like with the beer, if I am feeling good money-wise I will get this kind. It is costly. I have a few other cans on hand always. Some are so-called “decent” ones purchased with coupons, others were paid for cheaply in a discount store. The same holds true for gel and mousse. I have a few favorites, some costing more than others. They are important also because even before you need the spray, you’ve got to style your hair the way you like it. In general, the hairsprays I get are in aerosol cans. I haven’t had much luck with pump sprays. If anyone has one they recommend, I would love to know about it.

I eat A LOT of cheese. I always tell Jeff I am like a mouse. Some may know and some may not know, but I am a weight-loss surgery patient. I had an operation known as Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch, more easily referred to as the DS. I had this operation in December of 2007. It has been very successful, and I am very glad that I chose to have it (and thankful my insurance company paid for it). After all these years, I can pretty much eat what I want. Certain things need to be limited, and I am fine with that. One thing that the doctors always stress to us DS patients is that we need protein, protein, protein. I always accomplish this at meals, but snacks can be a little harder. Nuts are good, and peanut butter on a spoon or even a few spoons full of ricotta or cottage cheese works too. My source of easy protein is cheese. I always have packages of sliced cheese in the house. I have bags of shredded cheese. I buy blocks of cheese when they are on sale, and have them cut into little squares or wedges. It is very simple when you want or need a snack to have cheese easily accessible, whether you are at home or carry some in a container when you go to work or go out. With everything I do, I try to save money but cheese is one purchase that I always need to have. So for me, cheese is worth the money. That sounds very boring. But it is very true.

My subscription to the NHL Center ice is worth the money in every shape and form. I paid for the season in advance. Having this channel gives me access to each and every game played in the league. Living in Scranton, I would almost never get to see my Tampa Bay Lightning without it. I follow three other teams who are also not local, so this gives me access to them as well. My oldest son Michael is a big hockey fan, and he thinks I should pick one team and stick to them. He’s an Avalanche fan and thinks they should be my team. I told him given the choice, I would pick the Bolts hands down. I also have a love for the New York Islanders and a liking for the Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals. My all-time favorite player is John Tonelli, and my current favorite players are Nikita Kucherov and Alex Ovechkin. To show how hockey influences me, I have a John Tonelli tattoo on my left leg, and our two new kittens are named Alexi (the princess) and Nikita. I thank my father for my interest in hockey. Without him, I wouldn’t have the memories that I do. And without hockey, maybe I would have kept the kittens original names. They were previously called Adam and Eve.

I absolutely love the WWE. I love everything about it – the wrestlers, the characters, going to the events, watching the regular shows, having Pay Per View parties – all of it. I cannot even begin to imagine what money I have put out towards this industry since I started being die-hard twenty years ago. There is no doubt in my mind that every cent was worth it. I have had amazing fun, met great people, and have wonderful memories that will last for my entire lifetime. Worth it? A million times yes!

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