Things that just MIGHT be a waste of money…

Waste paper basket with crumpled money

I really don’t INTENTIONALLY waste money. Sometimes it just happens that way. Recently I was thinking about a few sort-of stupid mistakes that I have made. Like they say, live and learn. I would rather not have that pertain to my finances, though. Now none of these examples are going to put me into bankruptcy, but I have learned my lesson. Hopefully. We will see as the future unfolds.

Let me start by saying I am not endorsing any particular brand. That being said, when we decided to adopt Alexi and Nikita, they were small. They were kittens, well actually they still are. I did what the shelter said. I bought them specific food for kittens. They were kept separate from Beavis, Stan and JB for a few days. Once everyone was all together, it was very hard to keep the little guys from eating the big guys food, and vice versa. I did some online research and realized the kinds I have been feeding all of them are pretty similar. I also realize that my babies are older kittens. The shelter figures them to be about four months, and Nik – well, he is a beast, he’s a monster amongst babies so I am not worried about him. Lexi is tiny, but she’s pushy and if she wants more food, she just shoves her brothers out of her way. So at this point, the increased cost of the kitten food is just not worth it to me. I am not a vet obviously, and anyone with tinies should trust what their Vet tells them to do. It is certainly easier to have one kind of dry food to manage (though in several bowls) and all five plates of canned food being the same kind. The cats were probably tired of hearing me tell each one, no don’t eat that, it’s not yours. Ugh. I was tired of saying it myself!

I really would like to stop using as many rolls of paper towels as we do. Obviously, toilet paper usage has to remain constant. In my never ending quest to save money, etc. I have been trying some no-names of these two products. The one very cheap roll of paper towels I got was double the size of the others, and it only cost $1. How bad could it be, I figured? Bad. It was bad. The consistency wasn’t soft, but that didn’t bother me. What was awful about it was that no matter what you did, how you held it, whatever – it would never, ever rip off correctly. So you always ended up with a piece larger than you wanted. Wasteful. I tried two other brands that were also reasonably priced. One was a store brand and one was a brand I had really never heard of. They were both also $1 each, but there were less sheets. I must admit, both of these were decent and I will probably keep buying these when I do need paper towels. The toilet paper I’ve bought for cheap prices fared no better. My main complaint with these were the fact that the rolls were so small. They didn’t look it, but they really were. They were comfortable to use, but before you knew it, they were gone and you were replacing the roll on the spindle. The cheap ones I tried were $1 for 4 and $0.68 for 4. I won’t buy them again, though having a cheap package somewhere just for emergencies might not be a terrible idea. I will stay with my “Scott-like” store brand that works out to be about $0.75 per roll.

Ever since I was a young child, I have always liked stationery. I loved crayons and cray pas growing up, also colored pencils. I liked having nice paper to send letters, stickers to use. I even buy fancy color envelopes now, to this day (of course, on clearance). I wanted some new magic markers for the holidays – I had crafty type things I was doing around Harvest time (that I never got around to) and some others for Christmas. I started what I wanted to do, mostly focusing on the red and green ones in the set. They worked good for what I did that particular day. When I went back to the items the next day, the markers worked good for another few words, and then…died. Dried up, I don’t know. They were done for. So I decided to improvise what I was doing. I used a white background and would use blue – like a snowflake theme. Same thing, although the blue died almost immediately. I was getting aggravated, so I tried all the other colors in the package, and again – no good, done for. I have bought a lot of things in “dollar type” stores and have loved what I’ve gotten. This $1 plus tax was a total waste of money. Of course, this was not a major investment. I just don’t like spending my money on something that doesn’t work, no matter what the cost.

This one kind of goes along the lines of stationery. I do not like cheap scotch tape. I was in a discount “dollar type” store around the holidays, and I needed tape to wrap presents. At the front of the store near the wrapping paper, they had a card that had one roll. I wasn’t paying a dollar for one, so as I shopped around I found a card that had two rolls on it. I decided to take some of those, as that was a better deal, right? So I thought until at the end of one aisle was a card that had FOUR rolls. I put down the ones with two and took two of the fours. Big mistake! When I started wrapping later that day, I realized what junk they were. They wouldn’t rip off evenly, they would come off the roll, they weren’t sticky enough. By the next morning, the few packages that I did manage to get done were coming unstuck. Later that day, I went back and bought a few of the ones with two. They worked great, and I had absolutely no problems with them at all. I could have brought the originals back, but I didn’t want to deal with a return and the crowds doing that for $2. I learned my scotch tape lesson this holiday season!

Every time I can, I have usually chosen to buy what people would call cheap batteries. Maybe not the cheapest out there, but ones that were more affordable than others. Up until recently we have never had any trouble. But yes, recently – oh my goodness. It all has to do with clocks. We have two wall clocks, one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. Jeff bought me a really cute “Beer” clock for Christmas. We cannot get any luck with the batteries we have been buying. I never thought wall clocks were particularly hard on AA batteries. I don’t know what we are doing wrong – we need to upgrade our choices, apparently. Jeff replaces them, and it seems like within a day they are running slow, and then they stop completely. Frustrating!

So what other money-wasting things have happened to all of you recently?

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